For kids to do better in math, their teachers might have to go back to school, reports the Associated Press: According to a study released June 26 by the National Council on Teacher Quality, elementary-school teachers are poorly prepared by education schools to teach math. Math relies heavily on cumulative knowledge, making the early years critical. The study by the nonpartisan research and advocacy group comes a few months after a federal panel reported that U.S. students have widespread difficulty with fractions, a problem that arises in elementary school and prevents kids from mastering more complicated topics such as algebra later on. The report looked at 77 elementary education programs around the country and found the programs spend too little time on elementary math topics. Author Julie Greenberg said education students should be taking courses that give them a deeper understanding of arithmetic and multiplication. She said the courses should explain how math concepts build upon each other and why certain ideas need to be emphasized in the classroom…

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