Mercedez Barrera made a music video this summer, and Brianna Mendiola studied economics and government on the internet, reports the Avalanche-Journal of Lubbock, Texas. Barrera and Mendiola are participants in various summer-school enrichment opportunities offered by Lubbock Independent School District. The district also has summer school for students who have failed portions of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills testing and students who need to make up credits in high school. Barrera made the music video in The Cavazos Connection, a computer and video technology training program for students in grades five and six. "It’s real fun," said Barrera, an 11-year-old who will be a sixth-grader at Frenship Middle School. "I have learned a lot." Mendiola is taking economics and government in the district’s "summer school for advancement." She signed up for the courses so she will have time to take orchestra next school year. A senior at Coronado High School, Mendiola said taking online courses has afforded her flexibility that traditional classes lack. For example, she attended a three-day camp and, since she can do assignments at any hour on any computer with an internet connection, Mendiola was able to stay on top of her work and didn’t get in trouble for missing class…

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