Barix promoted its Annuncicom system, which can be integrated into a lecture hall PA system and accessed by computer at a later point. The Annuncicom is IP-based and can be used for PA announcements, two-way communication, and more. Barix also demonstrated its Barionet solution, a programmable telecontroller device that can be used to alert students and staff to a developing situation automatically over an IP network.

Calypso Control Systems displayed its Campus SV School Management Solution, which modernizes traditional bell, clock, and PA systems by utilizing an IP network. The company also debuted the CB-5000 networked touch-screen device controller, a 3.25-inch white backlit touch screen in a wall-mount enclosure, and the CA-1000SV audio amplifier, which can stream PA announcements, bell systems, emergency alerts, and other notifications in MP3 or WMA format.

Clear-Com showcased its software-based intercom system, Clear-Com Concert, which is based on voice-over-IP technology and delivers sound over a standard local area network or internet connection between local and remote users.

Technomad, a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, introduced the Schedulon, an automatic MP3 player/recorder that can be programmed with daily or weekly tasks. Users can manage the Schedulon remotely through any web browser as well, such as by playing an emergency recording in case of a school lockdown or natural disaster.

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