As a public service to the communications and networking departments of colleges and universities, ACUTA—the Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education—has published a free hurricane preparation checklist for higher-education institutions. Tailored to the needs of campus information and communications technology personnel, the 13-page document covers a broad range of pre- and post-storm activities and considerations— such as emergency facilities and lodging, creation of contact lists, physical power and fuel, staffing, computer and network services, damage assessment, and training. “Colleges and universities play an important role in disaster preparedness and recovery for both their campus constituencies and their communities in general,” said Texas A&M University’s Walt Magnussen, president of ACUTA. “In the event of a major disaster such as a hurricane, these schools often provide emergency medical care, temporary shelter, communication services, and a variety of other functions, in addition to providing for the safety of life and property on campus.” He added: “I can’t overemphasize the importance of maintaining communication services to a campus community during an emergency situation.”

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