A summer robotics camp at Arizona State University is getting high school students interested in computers and giving teachers the skills to teach the subject in their classrooms, the East Valley Tribune of Arizona reports. Keiland Brooks sits in front of a computer and a pile of Legos in a crowded room with other high school students, all with their own computers and building blocks. The Desert Vista High School sophomore is trying to figure out how to build a robot that will navigate through a plywood maze faster than the creations of his competitors, and it hasn’t been easy. "Right now we’re making bumpers, in case it runs into anything in there," he said. July 2 was the last day that students in ASU’s summer robotics camp had to prepare their robots before competing against the others. Brooks said it’s not necessarily the building, but the programming that’s been difficult, adding: "It requires a lot of patience." The camp is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Intel Corp., and ASU’s School of Computing and Informatics. It’s part of the engineering school’s contribution to the national effort to interest more students in careers in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, said Yinong Chen, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and leader of the camp…

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