Colorado Community Colleges Online just signed a deal with the Pearson Publishing Company to start getting required textbooks over the internet–a trend that one official predicts will spread to traditional classrooms within a few years, Colorado’s 9News reports. The cost of college textbooks has sparked rallies at the state Capitol, prompting a change in the law to ease the pain in students’ pocketbooks. "It can be pretty expensive," said Morris Bundy, a student at the Community College of Aurora. "I spend at least $300 altogether on just three books." Lisa Cheney-Steen, executive director for learning technology at Colorado Community Colleges Online, says reading textbook pages online can cut costs by half or more. There is a $49 flat fee to access the online textbooks for each course. However, the same books for the same course could easily cost more than $100 apiece. Cheney-Steen says the computer version can also be better. "A map in a textbook is just a flat diagram. A map in the online world can be interactive," she said. Nancy McCallin, president of Colorado Community Colleges, thinks the move by the online courses is the first chapter in providing online textbooks for every student in every classroom. She says traditional classes could start using internet textbooks within two to three years…

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