Oklahoma State Superintendent Sandy Garrett called on teachers July 8 to integrate more technology into classrooms to engage students who have spent their entire lives in a digital world, reports the Tulsa World. She also unveiled the state Department of Education’s Time Analysis Tool, an online process designed to help school leaders identify and better plan for school-day disruptions, such as assemblies, trips, and intercom announcements. "Students shouldn’t be required to power down to boredom each morning they arrive at school," Garrett said. "And their teachers shouldn’t have to struggle to make the most of minutes that are too few and far between." Speaking to about 3,000 education leaders gathered for the annual Superintendent’s Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Garrett stressed that today’s children have spent their entire lives immersed in technology but are being forced to "power down" when they enter the classroom. "In order to teach the children well, we must integrate technology into the learning process," she said. "We should be able to individualize rather than standardize instruction."

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