Web threats up, adware and keyloggers down

Trend Micro has released the findings of its "Threat Roundup and Forecast" for the first half of 2008, which noted an upswing in online threats, but steady decreases in adware and spyware, eChannelLine reports. That’s because cyber criminals are leveraging new technologies to propagate cyber crime and are reinventing social engineering to cleverly ensnare both consumers and businesses.
Trend Micro witnessed a dramatic increase in web threat activity during the first half of 2008. Web threats peaked in March to 50 million, from approximately 15 million in December 2007. On the decline, however, were adware, trackware, keyloggers, and freeloaders. In March 2007, Trend Micro found that about 45 percent of PCs were infected by adware; by April 2008, only 35 percent reportedly were infected. One reason for the decline is that the outdated technical methods used by adware and spyware no longer can compete with the high-level security solutions being put in place. While social engineering tactics such as the Nigerian phishing scam and the Spanish prisoner scam have been around for decades, cyber criminals continue to refresh and modernize this standard form of trickery based on whatever the trend appears to be…

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