Two years into a comprehensive three-year study of the laptop initiative in Virginia’s Henrico County Public Schools, findings show that students are engaging in more technology-based problem solving, research, teamwork, and communication-based projects that reflect 21st-century learning skills, the Henrico Citizen reports. According to the study’s chief researcher, Interactive Inc. CEO Dale Mann, the second-year findings show marked improvement from the previous year of the study in the quality of learning that is occurring in the county’s high schools. "This is a record of accomplishment," Mann told the school board during a June 12 work session. Mann was particularly impressed by the manner in which more high school teachers had implemented the use of technology into their classrooms–beyond simply using laptops as glorified projection machines. He complimented the school system and the "teachers who’ve paid attention and changed their instruction." His initial second-year findings showed that students who used their laptops more than their classmates had higher test scores in history, biology, reading, and chemistry but lower scores in writing and algebra…

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