Tweens and teens are pushing parents to adopt text messaging so they don’t have to talk "live" over the cell phone–but they’re also looking for social networking and entertainment via their phones, CNET reports. For example, Stephen Saiz, manager of consumer insight and strategy of the Walt Disney Internet Group’s North American mobile division, said that young people are looking for full-length video on their mobile phones, despite the perception that kids just want to "info-snack," or consume small bits of information. "Young people are looking for long-form content," he said. Saiz’s comments came at the YPulse 2008 National Mashup, a two-day conference on teens and technology. Nearly one out of every two U.S. tweens (or kids between 10 and 13 years old) and 83 percent of teens own a cell phone, according to new research from Chicago-based C&R Research. And with that many kids using mobile devices, the text messages are flying. The average teen, according to C&R, generates between 50 and 70 text messages a day, or as many as 18,000 a year…

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