Elementary and middle school teachers now have eight new options for science class software, as American Education Corp. has released its latest version of computer-based courseware for first through eighth grade. Sciences I-VIII are the newest addition to the company’s A+nyWhere Learning System (A+LS), with significant upgrades to the courseware’s content and alignment, making it easier for educators to use the equipment in their daily classroom lessons. Sciences I-VIII are aligned with the National Science Education Standards and tailored to each state’s educational standards, making the software practical in classrooms across the country, the company said.
Aventa Learning expanded its online credit recovery program for high school students to address the needs of at-risk students and English language learners.  The program adapts to students’ learning needs, supports English language learners, and provides schools with flexible implementation options to help all students reach their full potential, Aventa said.

Educational Insights displayed a variety of interactive games involving logic, higher-order thinking skills, and reasoning. The company’s Science Homework Series includes a set of 10 items that students would need for a typical science experiment, along with an activity guide containing 20 experiments on chemistry, electricity, and heat. The science experiments can be performed at home, with the help of a student’s parent, to alleviate a rushed class period.

Flexible enough to use anywhere from third grade through the most complex college courses, Geometer’s Sketchpad from Key Curriculum Press–used in schools across the globe–has become a valuable math tool. The company recently introduced Sketchpad LessonLink, an online, searchable library that shows educators more than 500 ways to integrate Sketchpad into their classroom lessons. The product’s interactivity gives students a deeper understanding of basic and complex math lessons, Key Curriculum Press says.

Maps101 has more than 4,000 maps available online for teachers of geography or history, with interactive material that will keep students’ attention. Maps101 offers both static and animated maps. For example, one map shows the history of religion in the world, carefully mapping where religions spread over several thousand years with the help of color coding. The company also offers outline maps for quizzes or tests that require students to label states, countries, or continents.
Microsoft displayed its Math 3.0 software on an interactive whiteboard.  Using the software on a whiteboard lets users write in their own equations and choose from a list of suggested or matching solutions, view two- and three-dimensional representations of graphical equations, and choose from other interactive features, Microsoft said. The company also demonstrated its Encarta 2009 software, which features updated content, resources from pre-approved web sites, help with research reports, and an Encarta Kids section for grades 3-5.

Pearson Education released version 5.1 of its WriteToLearn software, with updates that include an expanded content library with passages from popular high school textbooks, improved essay feedback, and new resources to help teachers integrate the program into classroom lessons. The company also announced that the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, Second Edition (NNAT2), and the Stanford Achievement Test–both previously print-only assessments–soon will be available online.

Sebit LLC, developer of Adaptive Curriculum, announced a partnership with Learning.com, a provider of digital curriculum. This collaboration will give teachers access to Adaptive Curriculum Activity Objects through Learning.com’s Digital Learning Environment, the companies said.

Siboney Learning Group announced that its Orchard Software’s K-3 Language Arts programs have been named the winner of the Association of Educational Publishers’ 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award in the ESL/ELL curriculum software category.

Using traditional, easy-to-recall childhood songs, the Singin’ & Signin’ program presents a new way for students to memorize complex lessons and concepts. Singin’ & Signin’ comes on a DVD and two CDs that include PowerPoint lessons for students and teacher tutorials. The prescribed singing and chanting can be used to teach numerous lessons, including finding the area of a triangle or rectangle, the volume of a pyramid or cylinder, long division, algebraic equations, rounding, unit rates, or multi-digit multiplication. The system reportedly has raised math test scores by as much as 25 percent in recent years.

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