Atomic Learning demonstrated its new Lesson Accelerators, which are technology-infused lesson plans that give educators the tools to integrate technology into the classroom. The company also announced a free Lesson Accelerator: Through July 31, educators can access "Fat? Or Fit?" online, free of charge. This complimentary lesson uses a downloadable application that allows teachers, students, and individuals to create custom comics, flyers, newsletters, and documents to create a two-page flyer about the benefits of exercise.

Funds For Learning has added a new resource to its E-rate Manager for Applicants. The new resource will facilitate audit preparation by guiding applicants through each step of the audit process. In addition, the new tool will offer an overview of what happens during an audit and what to expect when the auditors arrive.

I Support Learning announced the first phase of the Urban Core Initiative, through which it will grant software and professional development to 50 urban school districts to begin the deployment of a video game design curriculum intended to teach students math, language, science, and technology skills in a simulated "internship environment." Each of these districts will receive interactive software that will be used to create a video game design course of study, the foundation said.

Teachscape debuted a new Teachscape XL platform, which gives instructional coaches a platform for delivering fully customizable professional development. Coaches can select professional learning resources that are tailored to fit their teachers’ needs, and they can use content creation and editing tools to add content to existing resources or make new resources. Coaches also can add examples of student work to show how student comprehension has increased with solid professional development, Teachscape said.

Vernier announced plans to make its free LoggerLite software available on the One Laptop Per Child initiative’s low-cost XO laptop and Intel’s Classmate PC. Vernier also highlighted its free, hands-on data logging workshops for science and math educators.

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