AverMedia’s new Averzoom document camera has an 8X optical zoom that allows users to pan right, left, up, and down–a feature uncommon in many high-powered zoom lenses, the company says. Students can view images on a full screen or in thumbnail form, and teachers can display a live shot and a captured image simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode.
Ken-A-Vision demonstrated a host of high-powered, easy-to-use microscopes geared for educational professionals from elementary school teachers to college professors. Ken-A-Vision’s DocCamPro AV allows teachers to connect to a second video source and allows no-touch switching between the magnified object and the video images correlated with the lesson. The lightweight device has a 6X power zoom lens that displays images with sharp focus. The company’s Vision Viewer also could be a classroom asset, sporting high-resolution images from textbooks and streaming video from the internet.
Mimio has introduced a product that brings life to the everyday whiteboard used in classrooms nationwide, making it an interactive whiteboard in a flash. New hardware allows teachers to connect a portable device to the side of a traditional whiteboard and use a pointer complete with ultrasound sensors to click and write on the board. The teacher’s annotations then can be saved in a computer file, just as with an electronic whiteboard. The device is removable, meaning schools that once had to lug cumbersome whiteboards from class to class now can simply hand over the Mimio interactive system when they are done with it.
SMART Technologies announced the SMART Board interactive display frame, which attaches easily to most commercial plasma displays to make them interactive. The technology combines the high-resolution image quality of a plasma display, the precision of camera-based touch technology, and the simplicity of a pencil tool, the company said. The frame is ideal for small classrooms where large writing surfaces are not needed or large classrooms where additional displays are used for group work, SMART added. The company also announced that it has correlated its SMART Learning Marketplace content with Texas curriculum standards. The correlation reportedly will be ready in time for the start of the new school year.

Texas Instruments featured new Teacher Editions of the TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS computer software. The new Teacher Edition software versions include a computer-generated emulator for the TI-Nspire handheld. The emulator lets teachers project a virtual image of the handheld keypad and large display onto a presentation screen.

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