A New Zealand teenager who admitted to hacking into the University of Pennsylvania computer system was ordered July 15 to pay more than $11,000 in fines but avoided a conviction so that he can help police solve computer crimes, the Associated Press reports. The Feb. 23, 2006, attack on the University of Pennsylvania engineering school’s computer system caused part of the system to crash. Owen Thor Walker, 18, known by his online name "AKILL," also is linked to a network accused of infiltrating 1.3 million computers and skimming millions of dollars from victims’ bank accounts. Walker earlier pleaded guilty to two charges of accessing a computer for dishonest purpose, two charges of accessing computer systems without authorization, one of damaging or interfering with computer systems, and one of possessing software for committing crime. Although Walker pleaded guilty, the court discharged his case without a conviction so that his record won’t include a criminal offense–and so he can help police in the future. Walker had faced a maximum penalty of several prison terms of up to five years. But prosecutor Ross Douch and defense lawyer Tony Balme both told the Hamilton High Court that New Zealand police were interested in using the teen’s skills on the right side of the law…

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