Harvard University recently announced that students, faculty, and staff will receive new identification cards that use contactless "smart card" technology when they return to campus this fall, the Harvard Crimson reports. The upgrade comes less than a year after Theodore R. Pak ’09 was caught creating duplicates of the Harvard University ID (HUID) cards belonging to University President Drew G. Faust and two other campus officials. Pak’s hack revealed a significant security flaw in the more than 15-year-old swipe card system, as he was able to gain access to buildings and gates across campus with only knowledge of HUID numbers and a $200 card reader bought from eBay. Assistant Dean for Physical Resources Michael L. Lichten said that the Pak incident "was a motivator for us to move more quickly in putting the new system in place." The new cards are intended to bolster the security of buildings by adding crucial encryption technology and more complex security procedures…

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