New York Gov. David Paterson signed a law July 22 that he said would lead to restrictions on video game violence and help families better monitor grisly games, ABC News reports. The law will create an advisory council to study the effects of violent games on the children. It also will require parental controls on game consoles by 2010 and prominent displays of age ratings on game packages. But critics say the bill is too vague and too watered down to accomplish its goal. Americans for Tax Reform contends that curbing video violence wasn’t really the point in New York or nearly a dozen other states that have enacted similar laws, only to see them struck down by courts as unconstitutional. "It’s moral preening," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. "The bill is unconstitutional and has been found that way in other states. And when the inevitable lawsuit comes, the state pays for everybody’s legal expenses."

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