Montgomery, Ala.-based e-Rate Consulting Services might have a shortage of funds, but there’s no shortage of lawsuits, reports the Montgomery Advertiser. Jonathan M. Slaughter, owner of the business–which helps schools apply for federal e-Rate discounts on telecommunications services–has worked out an agreement to settle two lawsuits by paying $750,000 in installments to a Florida school system that said the firm failed to pass on more than $600,000 the system should have received in e-Rate rebates. Then, two local financiers sued Slaughter for $96,000 that they said they loaned him and that he has not repaid. Slaughter has filed two lawsuits against former employees, claiming they stole proprietary information and unlawfully hurt his business. Allegations about Slaughter’s misappropriating e-Rate funds went public in March when Florida’s Citrus County School System reported that it was missing $678,288.69 in e-Rate rebates that his firm should have passed on. The school system filed separate lawsuits asking for judgments, and in June, Slaughter agreed to pay the more than $750,000 to the school system by December 2009…

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