Google challenger Cuil launched in blaze of glory. And it went down in a ball of flames, reports CNET. Immediately after launch, the criticism started to pile on: results were incomplete, weird, and missing.
Vince Sollitto, Cuil VP of communications said CEO Tom Costello was "busy putting out fires." He also said there were two issues affecting Cuil search quality currently. First, he said, "We are trying to give people different results." Cuil is pitched as an alternative to traditional search engines, and users should not expect the results to be the same. However, there’s a difference between alternative and wrong. Secondly, Sollitto said "We’ve only been live for twelve hours," and traffic has spiked beyond expectations. In other web 2.0 launches, a traffic spike would slow down or crash the service, but in Cuil’s architecture, the spike affected results, not speed. (Cuil did also crash briefly last night…)

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