Hebert DaSilva didn’t have to travel to the Philippines this week to interview candidates for teaching positions at the Dallas Independent School District, reports the Dallas Morning News: All the district’s strategic recruitment manager had to do was sit in front of his office computer and interview the five candidates via a web camera. It’s a new strategy that’s saving the district thousands of dollars in travel expenses to recruit math, science, and bilingual education teachers abroad. "The money is tight and the technology is getting better and better, so it doesn’t make any sense to be spending money doing things one way when you can do the same thing for less," DaSilva said. So far, recruiters have used the web cameras to interview 200 teacher candidates in Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Jamaica, India, and the Philippines. That represents a savings of about $46,000 in travel costs to the Philippines alone, DaSilva said. Based on those interviews, work history, testing, and background checks, the district has extended job offers to 30 of those candidates. The district has been using the web cameras since January, not only to interview candidates overseas, but also to hold teleconferences…

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