Video search engines help users sort through clips

The internet is teeming with so much video that searching through it is becoming one of the biggest challenges on the web–and video search engines such as Blinkx and EveryZing are among those racing search giant Google to try to solve the problem, reports USA Today. Both use speech-to-text and other technologies to make video clips easier to search and view. Search technology can read and analyze text on a web site, but the same technology is limited when it comes to video. Most search engines make educated guesses about the contents of video clips based on the coding used to "tag," or identify, them, or by the words other web sites use to link to the clips, says Kevin Ryan, global content director for Search Engine Watch, a web information site. Google hopes to improve on that. The company has just launched a test of a new video search gadget for its YouTube politician channels. It uses speech-recognition technology to create searchable transcripts of videos…

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