To help schools comply with state and federal rules regarding eMail archiving, Waterford Technologies has announced a $99 special price for its MailMeter Archive software for any K-12 school district, MarketWatch reports. The price covers the software licensing fee for an unlimited number of mailboxes. School districts are required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Freedom of Information Act, and state Sunshine Laws to keep relevant electronic information reasonably accessible for e-discovery and public record searches. With budget cuts and insufficient resources, many superintendents have been deflecting requests for eMail archiving systems from their IT staff. Unfortunately, many school districts have learned that backup tapes don’t solve the e-discovery problem when it comes to litigation. "We felt it was our civic duty to reach out and help the education system," said Tom Politowski, President of Waterford Technologies. "With the drastic budget cuts challenging even the most frugal superintendents, we wanted to make sure that school districts could satisfy their FRCP needs. The $99 special price is a huge discount from our normal business pricing…"

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