Microsoft releases new tools for academics

“Technology that effectively addresses the increasing need to integrate the research life cycle and provide a holistic, end-to-end perspective has the potential to revolutionize the way academics collect data, publish findings, and preserve information,” said Daniel Pollock, vice president and lead analyst at Outsell Inc., a research and advisory firm specializing in the information and education industries.

“Companies that work closely with academia can understand how their products might benefit the scholarly workflow and so inform their product development.”

Also during the summit, leaders from Microsoft Research outlined their vision for how Microsoft and academics can collaborate on projects to develop technological breakthroughs that will define computing and scientific research in the years ahead.

For instance, Hey discussed collaborative initiatives intended to unlock the potential of multicore computing. He said his group will provide $1.5 million to seven academic research projects as part of the Safe and Scalable Multicore Computing Program, with the goal of stimulating successful research in multicore software.


Microsoft’s free tools

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

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