A New Jersey school district is trying to protect its students from cyber bullies, even when they attack from home, reports local TV news station CBS 2 HD. When students head back to school in Montclair this fall, they’ll get an extra page in their student handbook that addresses cyber-bullying, which is harassment through eMails, text messages, and social networking sites. School officials will now have the authority to take action, even when the cyber attacks are off school grounds. "When a kid is at home on his own home computer, then he’s not totally isolated from the school," Superintendent James Patterson said. "It used to be, as you know, the internet is an area of basically free speech–but free speech has some restrictions to it." With the new policy, teachers are now obligated to report cases of cyber-bullying to school officials. And students say they need all the help they can get. "I think it’s a good idea because if they don’t take action, it’s just going to keep happening and people are going to get hurt," Montclair High School student Carole Johnson said…

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