Teachers are beginning to use social networking sites to connect to their students, though many are speculating that these sites are not the best places for maintaining appropriate relationships, reports CNN. When 52-year-old Randy Turner set up a MySpace page and his students began asking to add him as a friend and sending him questions about assignments, he realized he was on to something.
“Just the very fact that I have MySpace makes them think, ‘Well, maybe we can talk to this guy and open the lines of communication,” said Turner, who teaches English at South Middle School in Joplin, Missouri. “I realized this is a major way of communication for them.” Teachers such as Turner believe sites like MySpace help them connect with their students about homework, tutoring and other school matters. But others fear the social-networking sites are breeding inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. In Missouri in particular, a rash of student-teacher sexual relationships have spawned crackdowns on social-networking friendships…

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