For decades, educators and employers have worried that too few Americans are preparing for careers in science. But there’s evidence to support a new, broader concern in this election year, reports USA Today: Ordinary Americans might not know enough about science to make informed decisions on key questions. Seventy-six percent of Americans say presidential candidates should make improving science education a national priority, according to a national Harris Interactive survey of 1,304 adults in November and December. Results were released this spring. But only 26 percent believe that they themselves have a good understanding of science. And 44 percent couldn’t identify a single scientist, living or dead, whom they’d consider a role model for the nation’s young people. These results are disturbing, science education experts say, because scientists aren’t the only ones who must distinguish solid scientific methods from bogus ones. Some important scientific questions are being debated this year, including food safety, imported-product safety, and the effect of biofuels…

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