Facilities with more technology, smaller class sizes, schools that offer more advanced courses, and laptops for every student: All are things that West Virginia students would like to see in schools, reports the Charleston Daily Mail–and state Superintendent Steven Paine is listening. Last school year marked the first time the state sponsored a forum and internet survey asking students what they desired in a school and what is and is not working in their classrooms. "A lot of times we ask parents and teachers how well the schools are doing, but we don’t usually ask students," Paine said. State officials met with students in Beckley, Huntington, Martinsburg, and Morgantown to hear their responses to questions. They also heard from about 5,000 students across the state who filled out an internet survey.
The results were unveiled Aug. 13. State education officials discovered that technology, such as interactive white boards and laptop computers, are very important to about 68 percent of West Virginia students. "When we get out of school, we would know how to use it," Maggie Blackwood, a 16-year-old junior at South Charleston High School, said of why technology is a top priority for her and her classmates…

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