Take a group of scientists and a video game designer and what do you get? Spore, a game that can help teach players some evolutionary biology, Reuters reports. The game is latest from Will Wright, the man behind The Sims, which has become the most successful video game ever and best seller for Electronic Arts. But with Spore, which was four years in the making, Wright has made a life creation simulator where players can conjure up creatures from DNA and then guide their evolution with the ability to create unique aliens, spacecraft, and planets. "Spore was very much inspired by many different types of sciences," Wright told Reuters, listing physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, and astronomy. "We spent a lot of time meeting a lot of scientists very early on in developing this game to find out what areas would be interesting to bring into the game." Wright said he spoke to a lot of scientists about evolutionary biology as he created the game. "We’re using Spore as a nexus for explaining these theories on evolutionary biology," he said…

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