Technology plays a big role in economic development, but Intel Chairman Craig Barrett says more teachers are needed to educate users on its usage, especially in emerging economies, PC World reports. The use of technology is being promoted worldwide, but it won’t mean anything until more focus is placed on teachers to provide hands-on instruction on how those tools are used, especially in emerging economies, said Barrett, in a keynote speech to kick off the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco Aug. 19. Many strides have been made recently to promote computing in emerging economies–but throwing more money into such tools won’t help until the teachers are educated. "A good teacher is the best tool for a good education," Barrett said. Innovation to promote technology use in classrooms also doesn’t need speedy processors or the latest hardware, he said. He gave an example of using the Nintendo Wii controller, also called the Wiimote, as an input device for Tablet PCs. With the help of special software, the Wiimote has an infrared emitter and accelerometer that can make it an input device on tablet PCs. Developing that technology cost around $50, said Johnny Chung Lee, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, who demonstrated the technology on stage. Barrett also had some harsh words for U.S. political leaders, saying the U.S. is lagging behind in competitiveness because it doesn’t create an environment to promote economic success,. "We don’t focus as hard as we should on education, we don’t focus as hard as we should on incentivizing … innovation," he said…

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