Students and parents at Colorado’s Windsor High School are outraged after a Wyoming police officer doing a presentation on internet safety scrutinized individual students’ MySpace pages, calling the students’ pictures "slutty" and saying their sites invited sexual predators, the Coloradoan of Fort Collins, Colo., reports. The officer, John F. Gay III of the Cheyenne Police Department, picked out six or seven Windsor High School students’ MySpace pages and began to criticize photos, comments, and other content until one student left the room crying. "He told the entire student body that he had shared her info with a sexual predator in prison," said Ty Nordic, whose daughter Shaylah’s MySpace page was put on display. Shaylah Nordic said Gay told the student body that the predator said he would masturbate to her picture and then "tear her apart." Gay pulled up her phone number and called her on stage to demonstrate how easy it was to get her contact information via the internet. "The whole school saw my phone number, so I am getting texts from people I don’t know," Shaylah said. While some students protested Gay’s commentary, faculty and staff did nothing, witnesses said…

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