Montpelier High School Peter Evans was meeting with a parent recently when the conversation turned to technology in the classroom, reports the Times Argus of Vermont. What is the school’s policy on the use of electronics–iPods, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, and laptops–in class, the father asked Evans. He had been opposed to students using tech devices, the dad told Evans, until he saw his son pull out a cell phone while he was working on his homework one night. The teenager explained that he hadn’t had a chance to copy down math equations on the board at the end of class, so he used his phone to snap a picture of it. "That really changed [the dad’s] mind about how wise kids are using technology," Evans said. "His point was that schools shouldn’t ban the use of the devices, but learn from the students and also create an environment that promotes technology." School administrators and teachers across the state share that opinion. Most Vermont schools haven’t banned the Sidekicks, iPhones, and Zunes that sometimes seem glued to students’ hands. That isn’t to say, however, that they’ve been fully integrated into the classroom–at least, not yet…

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