Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, N.C., school officials told the school board Aug. 26 that buying more online subscriptions for social-studies textbooks might be a necessary next step, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. While evaluating a tight budget earlier this year, school officials decided to buy classroom sets of social-studies books for sixth-and seventh-graders, instead of buying books for each student to take home. After realizing that every book in the classroom set doesn’t come with access to an online version, school officials suggested buying an additional 82 online subscriptions, at a cost of about $5,000. The additional subscriptions would be bought so more students can access the online textbooks outside of school. Superintendent Don Martin said that every student has access to the books during the school day and can access online versions of books and other learning tools online if they have internet access at home. Students also can go to the more than 40 WinstonNet labs in local libraries and other locations to access the information, he said. "It’s kind of an experiment to see how that works," Martin said. "We will actually evaluate that at the end of the year. If it works well, we won’t buy textbooks next year. I actually think the opportunity to not carry that big, old book back-and-forth and access the book online is interesting."

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