Facebook redefines high school reunions

Social-networking web sites such as Facebook and MySpace are changing how high school classes reunite, reports the Norfolk Advocate of Connecticut. Though people have long used the internet to reconnect with old friends, the sites make it easier to keep track of dozens of classmates beyond the big, planned, once-a-decade events. Jeff Clarke decided not to attend his 10-year Norwalk High School reunion in 2003. Many of his friends from high school had moved and weren’t going, so Clarke figured he wouldn’t bother getting dressed up and traveling to the Norwalk Inn, facing the possibility that there would be no one there he wanted to talk to. But Clarke doesn’t think he missed out on much. Since he joined Facebook last year, every day is a high school reunion. "Even people you might not have been super friendly with, because all the cliques are removed, you have the opportunity to connect with them again," Clarke, 33, said of Facebook. "You kind of build back a relationship." Clarke, who works in information technology, comments on the family photos his former classmates post on Facebook, and some Norwalk High alumni are in his online fantasy football league. "I think if you run into them at the reunion it’s kind of a one-day thing, and then you go back to your separate lives that are totally disconnected," he said…

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