By distributing free laptops to all incoming freshmen, West Liberty State College hopes to create a mobile computer lab that follows students through school, reports the Associated Press. The school of about 1,900 students also hopes to integrate technology into its lesson plans and better prepare students to work in a technological world. "We decided to put technology in the hands of the students instead of locking them up in a computer lab," college President Robin Capehart said Sept. 2. About 350 of the college’s 570 first-time freshmen have already accepted a free Hewlett-Packard, said Jim Clark, chief information officer for the college. Another 150 chose to pay $150 for an Apple MacBook. Though many four-year colleges and universities across the state and country, including West Virginia Wesleyen and West Virginia University, partner with companies to offer students computers at reduced prices, Capehart said only about 2.5 percent of all schools give students one free…

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