It was only the students’ second day in the lab at Wheaton High School, but already junior Rodas Yonas had recorded himself playing on the piano keyboard and was critiquing the playback in an editing program, reports the Business Gazette of Maryland. "This is pretty nice," he said as he took off the headphones attached to the fancy, 20-inch screen iMac computer and a large piano keyboard in front of him. Yonas and his classmates are the first students at Wheaton High School to take this music technology class, housed in a brand-new music lab that is stocked with Macs, keyboards, and complex music-editing software. The class is a part of the school’s Institute to Global and Cultural Studies academy. It catches onto the global trend of making music electronically, said Michael Hunt, the school’s academy director. "We saw the wave of music was going more digital," he said…

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