CNET reports that cell phones have become almost as important to American teens as the clothes they wear, according to a nationwide survey of teenagers released last week. The wireless trade association CTIA and Harris Interactive surveyed some 2,000 teens across the country and learned that teens feel that cell phones have become a vital part of their identities. They also believe that behind clothing, they can gauge a peer’s popularity or status by the phone he or she uses. Findings of the survey were presented Sept. 12 at the CTIA Fall 2008 trade show in San Francisco. Teens represent an important demographic for cell phone makers and mobile operators as cell phones have become an integral part of their lives. About four out of every five teens carry a cell phone. This is up from 40 percent of teens owning a cell phone in 2004. And almost half of the teens surveyed today say that having a cell phone is "key" to their social lives. "Leaving home without my phone almost feels like leaving the house naked," said Brenna, 17, who participated in a discussion panel…

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