A group of Purdue University students has created an interactive web site they hope will help students see the benefits of continuing their education, Lafeyette Online News reports. Ronald Glotzbach, an assistant professor of computer graphics technology, and several of his students have developed a web site available at http://www.sticktoschool.com. The site is geared toward high school students who might be debating whether or not to earn their diplomas or pursue a college degree. "Not having a high school diploma can put you at a severe disadvantage in terms of finding a good job or finding a career," he said. "Our goal with this web site is to create something that students will enjoy using and, at the same time, will give them good, valuable information that will inspire them." Glotzbach and his students, led by Laura Kellogg, a graduate student in computer graphics technology, designed and developed the content and graphics for the site and performed research on the featured careers. They also developed two interactive games for the site: "Welcome to Opus City" and "Stick to School: The Game." "Opus City" allows the player to travel around a fictional city full of challenges and job choices. The goal is to keep a character called "the Benefactor" happy by making wise decisions. "Stick to School" is designed like a board game, where players first decide whether to stay in school or drop out, then take turns moving their car around the board, encountering various real-life scenarios based on their choice. The player with the most money at the end wins…

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