A Washington, D.C.-based education council said the Detroit Public Schools must immediately improve its technology systems before the system crashes and jeopardizes payroll and other operations, reports the Detroit News. Michael Casserly, executive director of the Council of the Great City Schools, a national organization that represents urban schools, said that’s one of the first issues the district should address as part of a scathing review the council gave of the school district’s operations. Casserly offered the council’s personnel and other assistance to help improve the system’s finances, instruction, technology, and other areas analyzed in the 228-page audit, which was conducted at the request of Superintendent Connie Calloway and presented publicly Oct. 1. "We want this district to thrive," said Casserly. "We want this district to run its own affairs. We don’t want the state stepping in." In addition to improving technology immediately, Casserly urged the superintendent to have her cabinet create a plan to address the audit’s concerns. He also said the administration should create cross-functional teams to improve communication across departments and give deadlines and specific goals…

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