Contrary to the belief by some that technology creates a wall between kids and their parents, a national study released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says the ubiquity of cell phones and computers among kids might actually be a good thing for families, reports the Los Angeles Times. "What’s happening is the internet, including mobile [phones], eMail, and Twitter, is actually helping people keep connected and filling the gaps between when they see each other," said Barry Wellman, a professor at the University of Toronto and one of the authors of the study. About 70 percent of couples in which both partners have cell phones call each other at least once a day, and 42 percent of parents contact their child using a cell phone daily–meaning cell phones are the most popular communication tool between parents and children. More than half of internet users who live with a spouse and one or more children go online with another person at least a few times a week, the study found. Married-with-children households are more likely to have high-speed broadband connections than other households and also are likely to own multiple cell phones…

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