A recent study found, once again, that the United States is failing to develop the math skills of its students, especially compared with other countries where math education is more highly valued. Now, a new start-up called Indian Math Online aims to take on that disparity by teaching math to American kids using techniques from Indian schools, reports the New York Times. Bob Compton, an Indianapolis-based venture capitalist and entrepreneur who co-founded Indian Math Online, hatched the idea when he was producing Two Million Minutes, a documentary comparing high school education in India, China, and the United States (to view a report on this documentary, see here). Compton realized that Indian teenagers who were the same age as his daughters were three years ahead of them in math. "If you don’t get mathematics to the highest level you possibly can in high school, your career options shrink dramatically in the 21st century," he said. "Our society basically tells girls they’re not good at math. I was determined that was not going to happen to my daughters." Compton and Indian Math Online’s co-founder, Suresh Murthy, hired a team of math teachers and software developers in India to build the site and its curriculum. At first, the site was meant for their daughters, but soon friends started asking if they could use it and word gradually spread. It has lessons for students in grades one through 12 and offers several packages for $12.50 to $20 a month. The site’s curriculum is based on some key differences between math education in India and the United States, Compton said…

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