Four members of the Trenton City School District are flying to Los Angeles today to witness an innovative school initiative known as New Technology High School–a radical twist from what’s considered traditional learning, reports The Times of Trenton, N.J. The Trenton district has spent years trying to improve student performance through educational programs and tutoring, but now it is getting a feel for a different option. Spearheaded in 1999 and funded by the nonprofit group New Technology Foundation, roughly 40 New Technology schools operate across the country. In these technology-based schools, students confront a range of challenges in order to complete a project. The emphasis is on becoming adept at using modern technology. "It’s about recognizing that not all students learn in the same way. We have to have different ways of providing the curriculum," said Lucille E. Davy, state Education Department commissioner. "The best way for a district to know if they’re interested is to see it in action. It’s not the same unless you see the students in the classroom engaged in a far different way than in a traditional high school." A traditional math class in Trenton looks something like this: Teacher stands in the front of the room, lecturing and walking students through different equations. When the lesson is over, the teacher assigns similar problems for the students to finish at home. The New Technology schools alter that teaching philosophy. Instead of having a different lesson every day, the schools focus on project-based learning, in which students are given a problem and the content is built within the project. Students work to learn the content through research, calculations, outside interviews, and more…

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