Vermont’s new education commissioner, Armando Vilaseca, says his goal is to improve education for kids and make it more relevant to their lives–and to 21st-century careers, reports the Burlington Free Press. His approach to education is one that the state is now advocating. Calling it the transformation of education in Vermont, the state wants to prepare students for an evolving job market and world. "The challenge for students is no longer related to an absence of information, but rather, to its over-abundance," according to the state education department’s web site. "America’s education system–including the system in Vermont–is simply not adapting quickly enough to what has become a knowledge-based economy, nor is it keeping pace with continuing technological advances or the societal shifts of a growing, global economy." The new education model will promote more flexible learning environments and be less bound by schedules and facilities, the state said. Students will be judged not on the number of courses they complete but by what they know and accomplish…

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