Madison, Ala., teachers are competing in a citywide contest intended to help show new teachers how to apply 21st-century skills in the classroom, reports the Huntsville Times. Teachers can take part in the contest by putting together video clips demonstrating their best 21st-century teaching methods. Besides showing new teachers how to incorporate these methods, the contest has a side benefit, too: It "can drive [veteran] teachers to include project-based learning and technology" in their teaching, said Kathy Rains, director of technology for Madison City Schools, who is coordinating the venture. Winning projects will be part of the Technology and Learning Site presentations for the National School Board Association conference in Madison on March 25-27. School board member Shelia Nash-Stevenson came up with the contest idea. "She wanted to have some sort of way to put together video clips presenting lessons with 21st-century skills," Rains said. "We don’t know what the teachers will come up with. That’s what is so exciting." Winners will be announced at the district’s Technology Fair on March 12, and they’ll also attend the National Educational Computing Conference in Washington, D.C., this summer. Enhancing Education Through Technology grant funds will pay the winners’ expenses…

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