The Butler Tech Board of Education plans to adopt 21st century skills as part of its curriculum requirements for next year. The move would put Butler Technology and Career Development Schools a step ahead of most area districts, which have not yet taken action on a specific plan, according to the Middle Town Journal. "I think it’s one of the ways Butler Tech can be a leader to all of our districts," said board President Katie McNeil, who represents the Middletown City School District Board of Education. The process of incorporating up-to-date skills will begin this summer and will include a focus on global awareness; creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; flexibility and adaptability; initiative and self-direction; social and cross-cultural skills; productivity and accountability; leadership and responsibility; communication and collaboration; and literacy in finance, economics, civic, health information and media. If approved next month by the board, there would not be a specific class, but rather the standards would be incorporated into courses of study.

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