The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) 2009 Conference on Education, which runs Feb. 19-21 in San Francisco, promises to offer administrators a wealth of information and ideas for districts of any size.

AASA will offer more than 14 hours of economic-impact related sessions designed to help administrators operate the best public school system possible under strained economic circumstances.

New for 2009 is a mentor program to help aspiring superintendents, or those who have been a superintendent for less than five years, build a supportive network of peers.

Mentors with the National Conference on Education Mentor Program can answer questions, lend an ear and serve as a contact throughout the conference. Mentors can introduce administrators to many of the conference "regulars" to help them form long-time friendships.

Mentors are experienced superintendents with years of valuable knowledge, best practices, industry contacts and life experiences to share. Mentors will also benefit from those they mentor by gaining a fresh perspective to their own challenges.

The conference offers new curriculum "Focus Zones," including "Executive Edge," developed for CEOs and superintendents, targeted curriculum for "Aspiring Leaders," and the "Communities of Practice" zone with issues regarding women, diversity and rural/urban/suburban school systems.

This year’s program also offers more interactive discussions.  Attendees have in previous years asked for more small-group discussions to speak freely and exchange ideas.

Sessions will help attendees increase their leadership skills and professional competence, provide an exchange of ideas and solutions, address controversial issues, provide wisdom and insights from industry experts, and provide a forum to develop a network of colleagues.

Speakers include Bruce Hunter, associate executive director of Advocacy and Policy; Donna Brazile, founder and managing director of Brazile and Associates LLC, and chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute; and Robert Marzano, president and founder of Marzano and Associates.


AASA 2009 Conference on Education

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