Improving safety, outbound 911 calls are now easily identified by location and administrative personnel can monitor such calls through the interactive Switchvox Switchboard interface. Through the district’s innovative integration between the Switchvox and the intercom system, the local police department can listen into each classroom’s intercom during an emergency situation.

With the Richardson TSI installed system, staff members can easily ‘drag-and-drop’ calls and even monitor and direct emergency situations when necessary. “The Switchboard’s cross-platform functionality is a must,” explains Driskell. “Our environment is 90 percent Mac, and the competing switchboard application only ran on Windows.” Nearly 20 administrators utilize the Switchboard application extensively to route calls through the district. “Our users love the Switchvox Switchboard application,” notes Driskell.


Richardson TSI’s installation of the Multi-site Switchvox solution has enhanced communication, integration, and school safety for the 2700 students and 500 employees in UCSD. With more Certified Electronics Systems Technicians than any competitor in the country and unmatched training services, Richardson TSI was able to provide UCSD with a seamless integration process that generated immediate rewards.

“Everybody is amazed at how seamless and easy our new system is to use,” says Driskell. With a wide array of built in features, the Switchvox platform is an excellent choice for educational environments on tight budgets. “Richardson TSI provided a dynamic communication and safety solution, enabling UCSD to expand our resources and maximize outcomes,” says Driskell.

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Located in Suwanee, Ga., Richardson TSI is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions in education, healthcare and government in the state of Georgia. For more than 40 years, Richardson TSI has dedicated its efforts to providing creative solutions, superior products and quality customer service helping to streamline hospitals and schools and enhance their overall efficiency. Richardson TSI connects people through technology, providing dynamic communication and safety solutions, enabling clients to expand their resources and maximize outcomes. For more information regarding Richardson TSI, please visit

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