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WINDSOR Established in 1996 As A 100% Export Oriented Unit For Agro Machineries,Pumps, Diesel Engines And Gensets Along With Heavy Automobile Spare Parts. Our Goal Was Clearly Defined As To Be A Leading Manufacturer And Supplier For World Class Products With OEM Quality. Within A Span Of Few Years Of Hard Work, We Achieved Our First Goal As Leading Exporters, With Quality Products Supplier In International Market.
We Have Our Own In HouseManufacturing, Sourcing And Quality Control Facility With World Class Equipments, Gauges And Instruments. Our Annual Turnover Graph Is Always On Constant Growth, Because Keeping Our Buyer Satisfied Is Always On Our Priority List Our Major Export Is to North ,West Africa, East Europe, Middle East , South East Asia With a Annual Turnover Of Above Ten Million USD Recently We Have Entered Into Domestic Market With Our Services And Products. With Our Past Experience And Detailed Knowledge Of Our Products, We Could Penetrate Into Indian Market Without Much Effort.

Axle are the central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear.So it is the important part of vehicle.Our stock contains the best quality axles at competitive prices.We manufacture axle according to the users demand and specification.We export axle to south america, middle east and to some parts of europe.Our quality products made us leader in the field and in between our rivals.

Eye bolts are alternatively known as "eye hook".We manufacture eye bolts which are of different lengths & having different numbers of threads.These eye bolts are made on customers specifications and demands.They are made of high quality steel. A preventive coating is done on them so as to prevbent them from the rust.


Windsor is made its reputation in the world-market due to its quality products, less prices and customer

We manufacture one of the important & integarl part of hand cart.The performance of hand cart is also depends upon the quality of rim. Rim manufacture by us is of the superior quality far better than the products of any other company. There are different sizes of rim for the different carts. Mostly the thickness of rim plays important role in quality & performance.Windsor is made its reputation in the world-market due to its quality products, less prices and customer satisfaction.


WINDSOR Plot No. 766, Pace City II, Sector-37, Gurgaon-122001,Haryana, INDIA ,Phone-0091 124 4323900 / 924 ,Fax : 0091 124 4323999 / 998

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Moyea Software Adds New Flexible Video Features in PPT to DVD Burner Lite 1.2

Shenzhen, P.R. China – July 23, 2009 – Moyea Software, a developer and distributor of multimedia authoring and editing software, has upgraded its PowerPoint-TV& Web joiner, the PPT to DVD Burner Lite, to Version 1.2 which adds in the Profile a new list of creative tabs such as "Recent", "Common Video", "Common Audio", "User Defined" and "All Profiles" that designed for a quick access, as well as a novel set of video output formats including ASF, TS and DAT meeting to more video supportable devices.

As a standalone program able to burn PowerPoint to DVD and convert PowerPoint to video at on go, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite enables a computer-bound presentation with a professional TV feel at a DVD player and empowers a live Web show of the presentation in various videos like ASF, AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, MP4, VOB, WMV, MOV, etc. The PowerPoint to DVD and Video blend brings users an ease of distributing a presentation to family,friends, clients and colleagues afar in elegant DVD and sharing it on YouTube, MySpace and many portables like iPhone, iPod, PSP and Zune in slick video.

Highlights in Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite 1.2

I. NEW upgrades in the Profile part of Video Output

a. The PowerPoint to DVD and video converter presents a pleasant Profile by a neat list of video output tabs, "Recent" with last output record(s), "Common Video" with many video formats, "Common Audio" with general audio formats, "User Defined" for your DIY amusement, and "All Profiles" with a complete look of output options by both format and terminal device.
b. New video and audio formats are available, e.g. ASF (Advanced Streaming Format), OGG and AIFF, making it more comfortable to convert a presentation to an appropriate video or audio.
c. It adds in new video outputs by terminal device like Windows Mobile, PMP, offering an ease for users to detect a right file format for end-device.
d. Illustration and text introduction accompanies every single output option to help users grab a proper format at a glance.
e. Optimal video and audio codec in the new 1.2 contributes to a quality video with less time.

II. Standing Features in Moyea PPT to DVD Lite 1.2

a. Easy playback scheme "One Slide One Chapter" in the PPT to DVD program helps avoid excess repeat of slides playing on a DVD player.
b. Built-in burning engine of the burner is capable of synchronizing all the PowerPoint originals including sounds and movie clips to DVD/video.
c. Theme DVD menu templates suitable to diverse occasions add a touch to final DVD slideshow on a TV.
d. Myriads of sound insertion are possible to any selected PowerPoint file for conversion with the burner.
e. It supports batch conversion of PowerPoint-to-DVD/video

Apart from the remarkable features above, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite 1.2 also squashes some minor bugs that occur in the previous version,securing users an enjoyable experience of DVD or video slideshow creation.

Pricing and Availability
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite 1.2 requires Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista. The unit price of the product is $79.95 (US) on a per-computer license. Registered customers of the product are entitled to free unlimited updates as well as the first priority to relevant technical support. Bulk purchase of 5 licenses or more will enjoy corresponding volume discounts.
For more info on Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite, please refer to the product page

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LOS ANGELES, CA – June/July 2009 – Students at Pinecrest School in Northridge, California ( weren’t about to let a little obstacle like not having the necessary software or compatible computer equipment prevent them from participating in a cutting-edged computer programming opportunity.

When a handful of budding computer programmers learned of Carnegie Mellon’s Alice project (, which simplifies 3D virtual programming for students, they joined forces with their computer teacher, Mrs. Catalina Martinez and Principal, Janice Rudd to learn how they could get involved. They quickly learned that the expense of the necessary computer equipment and course materials was too much for the school to incur with the current economic climate. Determined to participate, students took matters into their own hands and began asking around for help.

It wasn’t long before their story reached Bob Hively, President and CEO of Scenewise, Inc. Mr. Hively’s mission with Scenewise is to use visual, interactive media to help students embrace the importance of Math, Science and Space Exploration, to name a few. Mr. Hively and his team aligned with Steve Sieberts of Open Mind Interactive ( to provide the Pinecrest students with everything they would need to participate in the Alice project.

“When the story of these enthusiastic students was brought to my attention, I was thrilled and honored to help them achieve their goal. Our Scenewise team simply connected the dots by arranging for the students to have the necessary hardware, software and guidance to thrive with Alice; they handled the rest,” said Mr. Hively.

In a collaborative effort, the students’ goal was reached and they are currently participating in the award winning Alice program. To show their gratitude, the young students (ranging from 2nd to 6th grade) have been filming their class experience and intend on presenting everyone who helped them with a documentary of the experience, which they are producing as a class.

While the class has only enough compatible computers for a handful of them to participate, they are so grateful for the opportunity that they have vowed to keep searching for equipment so more of their peers can benefit from the Alice experience.

Principal Janice Rudd offered, “I cannot thank Bob Hively and all those who supported our students enough; this is what learning is all about. With the current economic situation, it is tough on everyone, especially non-funded schools like ours. With help from people like Mr. Hively, I have watched our students learn something about hope, sharing and teamwork, these are things you simply cannot teach.”


About Scenewise, Inc.

Scenewise, Inc. (formerly a division of Scope Seven) develops digital educational products. All of the products emphasize visual, interactive experiences. Educationally enhanced® products take advantage of “teachable moments” contained in films and documentaries. Standards-aligned supplemental teaching materials are seamlessly integrated into the film experience delivered on DVD and other digital media platforms. For more information, visit



Avocado Security Enhances Campus Safety by Delivering Innovative Security + Business Intelligence Solutions

       WASHINGTON, DC – Avocado Security, the world’s pioneer of the On-Demand Security and BI Optimization Platform, today announced that its Security + Business Intelligence (BI) Optimization technology is strengthening campus safety measures for educational facilities looking to gain more analysis and insight from the images generated by their security cameras. Avocado Security’s new technology delivers BI with security images by taking the video images from surveillance cameras and translating them into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics. So now, instead of campus security personnel just seeing "dumb data" from numerous images across video monitors, they can actually have a solution that gives them "intelligent data" about those images so that actionable, real-time decisions can be made.

In the wake of serious security threats and incidents that have occurred throughout the nation’s schools and higher-learning educational facilities, it’s even more imperative that educational institutions utilize security technologies that not only provide them with surveillance images, but also provide them with the intelligence details that are behind those images so that better security decisions can be made. Now, with Avocado Security’s cutting-edge technology, millions of images from CCTV cameras can be automated and even translated into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics. 
“Avocado Security focuses on delivering ‘Business Continuity and Operational Intelligence’ by taking untapped, unmanaged security information, dormant in video files, and converting them into consistent and reliable business intelligence,” said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security. “We have the unique ability of pulling Business Intelligence details out of video imaging that is derived from security cameras, which enables organizations to gain meaningful business value from the "edge" of their networks; thereby, providing measurable value to organizations across the entire enterprise.”
Schools use CCTV security cameras to provide greater safety and security. These security systems generate and collect millions of surveillance pictures of college campuses, cafeteria rooms, bookstores and parking garages. Even though security cameras serve their purpose, there is still a lot of business intelligence information tied up in the pictures. Using a school’s existing video security, Avocado Security can compile statistics on information like student traffic per each entrance and exit, average number of people per floor getting off the elevator in the dormitory, traffic bottlenecks at certain hours of the day in the school cafeteria, and why the loading dock has more traffic than school’s main entrance.
Until now only security guards were able to have access to security camera information, including if something was stolen, if security equipment was malfunctioning, or if the was being compromised in other ways. But with Avocado Security’s platform, detailed security information about one location, or even multiple locations, can be shared across departments with school executives and high-level administrators, along with security personnel, providing them with ongoing information about the operational intelligence of their entire organization.
Our Education Clients
At present time, Avocado Security is working with a few educational establishments. Two of the schools are members of NACAS. Avocado Security platform provides benefit to multiple departments across the campus including campus police, dinning services, parking and transportation, information technology team and medical center.
Another key advantage of Avocado Security’s technology is that it is device (DVR) agnostic. Avocado Security can convert video images from the existing security equipment that comes from one vendor, or from multiple equipment vendors (GE, Honeywell, Bosch, Siemens etc.) and translate those images into usable data. Examples of data that can be provided include, the number of times an elevator door opened, or a high level of traffic at a particular entrance or exit, or, if more traffic is at the loading dock of a hotel, than the front entrance lobby. By looking at security monitors and images alone, such information cannot be extracted.

About Avocado Security
Avocado Security’s patent pending technology is the world’s first security and Business Intelligence (BI) platform. It is also available as an On-Demand solution. This new technology brings about innovative security and productivity solutions for clients who require improvements in their security, operation and IT infrastructure. By combining this advanced set of security and business intelligence metrics, Avocado Security’s clients experience streamlined security operations, and in turn, dramatically improve their own bottom lines. For further information and press releases from Avocado Security, please visit or call (866) 608-1116.



Pearson eCollege, NESI Partner to Increase K12 Online Education Opportunities


DENVER, July 22, 2009—Pearson eCollege and NonPublic Educational Services, Inc. (NESI) have announced a multi-year partnership to increase online K12 education opportunities for a wide range of high school students, including students from military families.  NESI will use Pearson eCollege’s integrated education technology environment to offer high school students a complete online learning solution, leading to greater, measurable success for NESI and its students.
Pearson eCollege is the leading global provider of online education technology, content solutions and support services at hundreds of successful blended and fully online academic programs and institutions.  NESI, which operates education and training programs and services for K12 students and members of the US military, selected Pearson eCollege because the company offers more than just a learning management system—Pearson eCollege combines on-demand cloud computing capabilities with Pearson’s world-class content, digital media and academic services.
Partnering with Pearson eCollege will enable NESI to enter new online markets serving more students with capabilities unmatched by any other provider. These new opportunities include an international, dual-degree program that allows high school students outside the US to earn both a local in-country degree and an online degree from Richard Milburn High School (RMHS), a subsidiary of NESI.  For the past five years, RMHS has operated a summer credit recovery program for the Department of Defense Education Authority (DODEA) serving high school-age dependents of US serviceman living abroad. RMHS offers a 12-month credit recovery program and a full academic year program for US high school students.  NESI and RMHS are also developing other online programs to serve evolving student needs for flexible online education options.
“We needed a partner who was willing to work directly with NESI, creatively and collaboratively, to create online learning solutions for our students. Pearson eCollege is a breath of fresh air,” said Rochelle Schneickert, Division Vice President at NESI.  “They were the only provider willing to support our concept for best-in-breed online education delivery.  With Pearson eCollege, we now have a learning environment partner that provides the most reliable learning network available, student information service (SIS) integration, support services we know we can trust, and a vast choice of curriculum.”
“Both Pearson eCollege and NESI continually invest in services that enhance student achievement,” said Matt Leavy, CEO of Pearson eCollege.  “Our partnership with NESI will offer greater access to education opportunities via our connected learning environment, helping more students to compete in today’s competitive, technology-driven marketplace.”
“We researched several online platforms before deciding that Pearson eCollege was the smart choice,” said Greg Shield, director of the Milburn High School Online programs at NESI.  “NESI chose a proven industry leader with a comprehensive solution that included the technology we needed.  The Pearson eCollege cloud-computing model reduced the overall risk of delivering courses online.”
About Pearson eCollege
Pearson eCollege enables educators to achieve measurable success for academic programs through on-demand solutions that advance and improve the teaching and learning experience for learners in multiple types of educational institutions and programs. Pearson eCollege provides integrated technology and services,  content solutions and multi-level user support that help students reach their academic goals. Pearson (LSE: PSON, NYSE: PSO), the global leader in education and education technology, reaches and engages today’s digital natives with effective and personalized learning, as well as dedicated professional development for their teachers. Pearson is dedicated to helping people of all ages to learn at their own pace, in their own way. In addition to Education, Pearson’s primary operations include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.For more information, visit or
Contact: Susan Aspey, or (347) 421-2473
About NonPublic Educational Services, Inc.    
NESI, founded in 1978, provides educational services in three main areas: Compensatory educational services  (Title I and SES programs); Milburn Schools (public charter schools, contract high schools, and Milburn High School Online) and military education and training programs to US armed forces (in the US and abroad). NESI’s online programs are accredited by CITA, DETC and SACS. In addition, NESI is CITA certified as an education company, one of only 10 Education Industry Association (EIA) members to have this designation. In 2006, NESI’s founder and CEO, Robert H. Crosby, was awarded the James P Boyle Award for “Entrepreneurial Leadership” by the EIA. NESI is based in Salem, Massachusetts, employs 1,000 people, and operates in 18 states. This year, over 20,000 students will be taught by NESI.  For more information, visit
Contact: Rochelle Schneickert, or (703) 494-7882 ext. 104

SunGard Higher Education Supports Call to Action from the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE)

MALVERN, Pa. – July 22, 2009 – SunGard Higher Education joined The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and more than 1,000 participants and 60 ministers from more than 150 countries at the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE). The global conference, held every ten years, closed with a call to increase investment in higher education, encourage diversity and strengthen regional cooperation to serve societal needs.

UNESCO Director General, Koichiro Matsuro, highlighted the changes technology has brought to education, and the increased demand, which is altering the landscape of education.
Chris Howgego, senior vice president of international for SunGard Higher Education, commented, “Technology has helped to fuel the growth of international education. SunGard Higher Education supports this growth by offering institutions and their constituents the platform and services for development in an increasingly global landscape.  Learning environments must evolve and be developed to help younger generations succeed beyond current boundaries.  We share in the responsibility to provide the context in which this can be achieved.”
Speakers explored themes including the role of education in addressing today’s greatest challenges, the issues presented by a transforming higher education sector and societal commitment to higher education.  Several guests took the platform to call for greater cooperation among the educational community and many highlighted the role of education as a critical pillar in resolving the global economic crisis.
Dr. Jill Biden, wife of United States Vice President Joe Biden and a community college teacher, spoke of her passion for teaching and stressed the role education would take under the Obama administration.  Secretary General of the OECD, Angel Gurria, spoke of the difficulty students face in the current job market and the need for institutions to focus on creating relevant courses.  Benita Ferrero-Waldner; European Commissioner for external relations, echoed that sentiment.
The final conference communiqué outlines the critical areas discussed during the conference, and a call for action to key stakeholders including the member states, and UNESCO.  More information about the WCHE event is available at the UNESCO Web site,
About SunGard Higher Education
SunGard Higher Education provides software and support, systems implementation and integration, strategic consulting, and technology management services to help colleges and universities build, unify, and manage their digital campuses.  Bringing together people, processes, and technology, SunGard Higher Education assists 1,600 higher education organizations around the world, including colleges, universities, campuses, foundations, state systems, central and district offices to strengthen institutional performance through improved constituent services, increased accountability, and better educational experiences.
About SunGard
SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and IT services companies.  SunGard serves more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries, including the world’s 25 largest financial services companies.

SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector.   SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software.

With annual revenue exceeding $5 billion, SunGard is ranked 435 on the Fortune 500 and is the largest privately held business software and services company on the Forbes list of private businesses. Based on information compiled by Datamonitor*, SunGard is the third largest provider of business applications software after Oracle and SAP. Continuity, Insurance & Risk has recognized SunGard as service provider of the year an unprecedented six times.  For more information, please visit SunGard at

*January 2009 Technology Vendors Financial Database Tracker

Trademark Information: SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Swine flu shots at school: Bracing for fall return

U.S. swine flu vaccinations could begin in October, with children among the first to get the shots at their local schools, the Obama administration said July 9 as the president and his Cabinet urged states to figure out now how they’ll tackle the virus’s all-but-certain resurgence.

“We may end up averting a crisis. That’s our hope,” said President Barack Obama, who took time away from the G-8 summit in Italy to telephone another summit back home–the 500 state and local health officials meeting to prepare for swine flu’s fall threat.

No final decision has been made on whether to vaccinate Americans, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stressed. That depends largely on studies with experimental batches of the vaccine that are set to start the first week of August–to see if they’re safe and seem to work, and to learn whether they require one or two doses.

But if all goes well, the federal government will buy the vaccine from manufacturers and share it for free among the states, which must then “try and get this in the arms of the targeted population as soon as possible,” Sebelius said.

First in line probably will be school-age children, young adults with risky conditions such as asthma, pregnant women, and health workers, she said. Unlike regular winter flu, the swine flu seems more dangerous to these groups than to older people.

“Schools are natural places” to offer those vaccines, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said.

Go home and get schools, mayors, and other community leaders to spread that message, Sebelius said.

“The last thing we want is millions of parents to be surprised” the day the get-your-kid-vaccinated-at-school note comes home, she said.

Schools do occasionally team up with local health officials for special flu vaccination clinics, but it’s not common. More than 140 schools around the country scheduled flu vaccination days last fall, some providing free vaccine. Some vaccinated only students bearing parent consent forms; others opened their doors to entire families.

It will be a confusing fall, Sebelius acknowledged. Doctors’ offices, clinics, and even grocery stores will be in the midst of dispensing 100 million-plus doses of regular winter flu vaccine–and the swine flu vaccine, which will roll out slowly, will require at least one completely separate inoculation.

“We know a mass vaccination program of even modest scale will involve extraordinary effort on your part,” Sebelius told state health workers.

She also announced $350 million in grants to help states prepare, money to be used partly to brace hospitals for a surge of demand from the truly sick and the well-but-worried.

“We want to make sure we are not promoting panic, but we are promoting vigilance and preparation,” Obama told the gathering.

State officials welcomed the funds but had more practical questions for the feds, starting with what they learned from the chaos when swine flu first burst on the scene last spring and schools around the country closed because of sick students.


Bill Gates: Better data mean better schools

The U.S. must improve its educational standing in the world by rewarding effective teaching and by developing better, universal measures of performance for students and teachers, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Tuesday, reports the Associated Press. Speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual legislative summit, Gates told hundreds of lawmakers how federal stimulus money should be used to spark educational innovation, spread best practices and improve accountability. Gates, one of the world’s richest men, has been a longtime critic of American public schools and has used philanthropy to advocate for a better educational system. U.S. schools lag their international counterparts because of "old beliefs and bad habits," and it’s not clear how to get them back on track without uniform achievement standards, he said. "We don’t know the answers because we’re not even asking the right questions and making the right measurements," Gates said.

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