The system’s versatility extends to the selection of the recording options available to the instructor.  Breault outlines the choices. “It is important to offer faculty the option to record any combination of instructional resources: audio, video or graphics. For example, if the faculty does not plan to use graphic material during class instruction, they would choose the audio and video only record option.”

The TrackVIEW video and the audio/graphic materials are recorded on a web encoder that can be started manually by the faculty using a touch screen panel or using an automated scheduling program. The audio/video content is recorded on the campus video server and the graphic material is recorded on the campus web server. Once the recording is done, the students have nearly immediate access to the video from anywhere. The goal is to get the web stream bandwidth between 200kbps to 400kbps to make it very efficient for the students to view at home on their DSL or cable modem connections.

Of course, the key beneficiaries are the students and their acceptance and use of the system is a bedrock requirement. It didn’t take Breault long to recognize an unexpected benefit in this important factor. He explains that what was feared as a distraction actually drew the students in. “We purposely avoided the students seeing themselves on camera but by accident they saw themselves while recording and the technology seems to have pulled them in and gotten them a lot more excited about the instructional process.”

The TrackVIEW system’s initial success has already spawned plans for a more ambitious deployment in the near future. De Anza College is now working on a new Media Learning Center that will have eleven more classrooms. The plan is to refine the prototype room and apply those changes to the building currently under construction.

How can the faculty teach naturally in any format and give the students quick access to the lecture with one intuitive system?  For De Anza College, TrackVIEW has all the answers.


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