Irrespective of the quality of the printing process on a USB Branded Memory Stick, overtime it will succumb to wear and tear. So how can you ensure that the brand is always upmost in the user’s mind?

Well USB2U has launched a fantastic new service called Watermarking!!

The Watermarking works by having a logo or artwork of your choice programmed onto the Promotional USB Memory Sticks. This then appears as the background wallpaper in the drive window when your client plugs the Branded Memory Stick into a usb port.

This is a great way to reinforce your brand, add a promotion, provide contact details.

It is very simple to set on your Customised USB Stick and is guaranteed to impress! You could have your artwork or logo tiled or stretched to fit the drive window or as subtle as a single logo.

Think about how the wallpaper feature works on the desktop of your laptop or PC, this works in exactly the same way!

Below are comments from customers who have chosen the Wall Paper Feature:

“an absolutely brilliant feature – thanks for arranging it”

“we didn’t even know this was possible until our USB2U Account Manager discussed the idea with us, but we’d have it for all our future orders”

“a fantastic add-on to an already excellent promotional item”

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