Student can re-enroll after blog dispute

A University of Louisville nursing student expelled over blog posts about an assignment to follow a woman the day she gave birth has won the right to return to school from a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Charles Simpson ruled Monday that Nina Yoder, who was dismissed from school on March 2, can re-enroll because the school violated a contractual agreement with her in the dismissal.

Yoder’s attorney, Dan Canon of Louisville, said Yoder plans to re-enroll as soon as possible.

"It’s just a few months until she graduates,’ Canon told The Associated Press.

Yoder was dismissed after the university ran across her blog on a MySpace page. The blog covered a variety of topics, including religion, sex, guns, and politics. She mentioned the university several times but revealed no patient names in postings.

University spokesman Mark Hebert said university lawyers and administrators at the nursing school will review the judge’s decision.

The school dismissed Yoder on March 2, saying in a letter that she violated the school’s honor code and confidentiality agreement by posting blog items concerning patient activities and naming the university on her MySpace page.

The judge sidestepped the constitutional and free-speech questions raised in the lawsuit. Instead, he focused on how the honor code and confidentiality agreement students must sign are written and explained.

"Upon review of the relevant texts, the court finds that the blog post does not violate either of these two agreements,’ Simpson wrote in a 12-page decision.

The blog post that resulted in Yoder’s dismissal involved an assignment to follow a pregnant woman through the birthing process. In the post, Yoder criticizes the woman she finds to follow, as well as pregnant women at the hospital in general.

After detailing the birth, Yoder ended on a note Simpson called “positive _ life-affirming, even _ if perversely so.’

"I came to work, overwhelmed with emotions and new knowledge and experience,’ Yoder wrote. “I sat down, looked around and once again proved that women are FREAKING STUPID and don’t learn from their past mistakes. I said: ‘I want another baby!’

David L. Hudson, Jr., a scholar at the First Amendment Center and an author of 20 books — some addressing student rights — said the University of Louisville case is the latest in a series of questionable decisions by higher-education officials when faced with students’ web-based writing.

"The whole situation is emblematic of a growing trend of punishing people for their online expression," said Hudson, who teaches courses at Vanderbilt University Law School and the Nashville School of Law. "Many people act as if the internet is a legal-free zone and it is anything but."

Hudson said he did not expect Simpson’s decision to affect future cases that pit student blogs against educational institutions.

"This was a well-reasoned decision, though it did not reach larger constitutional free-speech issues," he said. "The judge pointed out that the school could apply its honor code more broadly if it changed the policy and provided fair notice."

Simpson described Yoder’s take on women, motherhood and childbirth as “for the most part, crass and uncouth,’ but not in violation of the ambiguous wording of the honor code and confidentiality agreements.

"To be sure, Yoder’s attempt at humor was an abject failure,’ Simpson wrote.

Yoder also frequently wrote about guns and her opposition to gun control laws and posted pictures of various weapons on the site. Some of Yoder’s other posts showed disdain for both candidates for president in 2008.

In one post dated Oct. 5, Yoder at times used obscenities to describe the candidates.

She described Democratic nominee Barack Obama as a “socialist pig with a twisted life viewpoint.’ She also agreed with then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s stance on guns, even tough she knocked Republican nominee U.S. Sen. John McCain for choosing her.

"The only reason McCain picked her is because she is a hot chick with intelligence slightly above average,’ Yoder wrote.


SMS and on-line gaming has made China’s richest man – txtNation Launch in China.

SMS and on-line gaming has made China’s richest man – txtNation Launch in China.

txtNation today announced they are in the final stages of launching China premium SMS connectivity after 2 years of research, on the ground negotiations and stringent application procedures. With txtNation’s China aggregator status they strengthen their place as the world leader in premium SMS connections.

This comes amidst the news as reported some time ago by the Xinhua News Agency that Ding Lei, the 30-year-old boss of one of China’s most well-known Internet portals,, topped the latest annual list of the richest 100 Chinese. Fang Xingdong, a senior Internet analyst in China said short message services and on-line gaming had built Ding’s success seeing his 7.5 billion yuan of personal assets making Ding China’s richest person. The owner of China’s most popular on-line game developer Shanda Networking Development, Chen Tianqiao, 30, is also on the list of China’s top 10 richest men. The mobile phone is the true driving force for the resurgence of China’s Internet companies, because Chinese mobile phone users are forming the habit of sending messages, according to the American Wall Street Journal.

China has 416.64 million subscribers (31.7% penetration) and two main networks. txtNation’s mBILL connectivity connects with China Mobile and China Unicom to empower their clients with connectivity to over 425 million mobile phone users in China, the fastest growing economy in the world and home to the so-called “Second Industrial Revolution”. With a massive mobile userbase and huge potential for growth, it is equally home to a massive digital revolution.

“2008 has so far been a great year txtNation” Rowsell said. “It has been, in many ways, a year in which we have realized the fruits of many years of labour.”

Jon Rowsell, txtNation Director, who co-founded txtNation in 2002, continued “Penetrating China is a big milestone,” he said. “Being able to easily offer this previously inaccessible territory will have a huge impact in the industry as we have a large reseller market, you will see many players in the industry offering connectivity fed from txtNation’s new presence in this market.”

With a total population of 1.3 billion, China Mobile is the biggest operator with 274 million subscribers. China Unicom, the second operator in China has 138 million subscribers. In 2007, China’s mobile advertising market grew 97% over the previous year. Currently, SMS advertising is the type of mobile advertising most widely used and represented an estimated 40%–50% of China’s mobile advertising revenue in 2007. reports WAP advertising, especially sales-oriented advertising, will grow rapidly in the same period.

Interactive marketing is also gaining interest from brand advertisers, providing the next area of growth.


School IT chiefs mull Windows 7

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is hoping to erase the bad memories of its last major upgrade to the Windows operating system, Vista, with its release of Windows 7 this fall. The program has drawn several favorable initial reviews, but upgrading won’t be without its challenges for schools still using Windows XP, some early testers report.

XP users could constitute a majority of schools and districts, experts say, because compatibility problems between Vista and other software applications caused many schools to forgo Vista in favor of the older XP operating system on their recent hardware purchases.

Compatibility should be less of an issue with Windows 7, Microsoft promises, thanks in part to a built-in XP Mode. But whether schools will upgrade or switch to Windows 7 when it’s released in October remains to be seen–especially because XP users must complete a custom, or clean, install if they want to move to the new system.

According to beta testers and Microsoft’s web site, switching from XP to Windows 7 will require a “custom install,” because there are “no supported upgrade paths.” What this means for XP users is that everything on their hard disks must be wiped out to install Windows 7. The disk wipeout will clear all current files and folder organization, as well as all programs and settings.

To save all personal files, users will have to transfer these to an external hard disk first, then resave them after Windows 7 is installed. Users also will have to reinstall all programs and restore all software drivers for printers and other PC add-on hardware–a tedious process that could take hours and is fraught with potential pitfalls.

Also, older PCs (2006 and earlier) probably will not be able to run Windows 7, owing to older drivers and a lack of memory, hard disk space, or graphics power.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has not provided upgrade paths to its latest OS for older software versions. When XP shipped in October 2001, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 users were left behind. And when Vista shipped in January 2007, XP had multiple upgrade paths, but Windows 2000 and older operating systems did not.

According to Michael Silver, a Gartner analyst who follows Microsoft technologies, it might even be a smart move for Microsoft not to offer an upgrade path for XP.

In an interview with InfoWorld, Silver said it would be risky to offer anything but a custom install, because of all the “viruses, registry errors, and other performance-sapping flaws in the user’s Windows environment that would be carried to Windows 7.”

Silver’s comments echo a statement made by Mike Nash, Microsoft’s vice president of Windows product management, in making the business case for Vista nearly a year ago: “Bypassing Vista could have implications for security, support, and regulatory compliance and reduce flexibility in the face of changing business requirements.”

But Microsoft, which analysts say needs to offer a much smoother OS transition after Vista, is offering XP users helpful tools for installation.

For example, Microsoft plans to offer a free “Easy Transfer” program that will automate the process of moving personal files (not programs) to an external drive, and then restoring them to the computer after Windows 7 is installed.

Another accommodation Microsoft has made in Windows 7 is the XP Mode, which will allow users to run a virtual edition of XP from inside Windows 7.

“Windows XP Mode is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses to help ease the migration process to Windows 7 by providing additional compatibility for their older productivity applications,” said Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft’s in-house Windows blogger.

While Microsoft believes XP eventually will become obsolete, Nash said during a recent press event that manufacturers who “are using Windows XP on netbooks will have the ability to install Windows XP for one year … after Windows 7 general availability.”

PC makers, meanwhile, will be able to sell computers with Windows XP to customers who prefer that option until as late as April 2011, Microsoft said.

“Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate customers will have the option to downgrade to Windows XP Professional from PCs that ship within 18 months following the general availability of Windows 7 or until the release of a Windows 7 service pack, whichever is sooner, and if a service pack is developed,” a company spokeswoman said.


The ongoing penny-pinching economic crunch is demanding consumers to bring about a radical change in their shopping behaviors.

Coupon codes or promotion codes distributed online are amongst tried and trusted strategies to enhance the virtue of online shopping. These tools help in performing the dual task of bringing discounted shopping to consumers and by promoting online retailers amongst their targeted audience. Consumers can save money on a wide range of products by stacking manufacturers’ and store coupons on top of already discounted merchandise.

With the bulk of shopping being done in July and August, the search volume for coupons is just going to increase further. Shoppers by and large have now started realizing the benefits of these money saving coupons. Thrift and sensible shopping habits can make consumers money go further and help them maintain a better quality family life. continues to be one of the top online consumer savings destinations for coupons, discounts and promotion codes. The site encourages shoppers to always make use of coupons to stretch their buying power, save more money from their budget and spend what they can afford. lists over 25,000 coupons online for everyday necessities, as well as for occasional needs, like gifts and many other products. All these are updated throughout the day. So consumers have the latest coupons that offer immediate savings for them in all of their shopping interests. This means that if a small business, individual or a family is budget-stressed by the recession, offers a means of daily savings that adds up quickly. E-coupons and online coupons are a way for retailers to increase sales, and build consumer loyalty. They have been working with retailers to procure special deals and exclusive coupons. applies a clean design approach by following a non-flashy banner policy to reduce visual noise. Coupons, coupon codes and promo codes can be found for various merchants. Utilize them for maximum savings and control your expenses within the budget.



Comments on Forex Trading Account Sizes, Lots and Margin Calls.


Forex trading is one of the best business opportunities you can think of joining these days. No other market in the world allows the “Leverage” that the profitable world of currency-trading does. Leverage is all about margin trading. In the Forex market, it is essentially the ratio of the amount used in a trade to the required security deposit needed, by the particular broker you chose to use, for that trade.


Normally, for most brokerages, a margin deposit of just $1,000 allows you to control a $100,000 position in the Forex market. That’s 100:1 leverage, or 1%. Or, said in a different way, a “regular full-sized account”, sometimes referred to as a 100k account, allows you to trade with lot sizes equal to $100,000. Each lot is worth $100,000 in currency. So It would only require $1,000 to trade one lot.


This great feature in Forex trading is what makes this market the hottest market to trade in right now. The Forex broker has given you a loan of $99,000 dollars secured only by your $1,000! This is a huge loan and, as you may know by now, this is what allows traders to make extraordinary incomes in this market. And, as you also are probably used to hearing , "leverage is a two-edged sword" , it is what can cause you to lose a lot of money if you trade without rules or Stop-loss orders.


But just as an example, let’s say you were a person that likes to trade with reckless abandon, i.e., with no strategy, no common sense, no money- management principles, etc. That’s never recommended for anyone, but being a Forex trader has such great advantages, that even someone with a trading mind like the one described before, will never lose more than what he has placed into a trade.


Unlike Futures (Commodity Trading), the market that most people associate with High leverage, you can never have a debit balance when trading Forex.


So, despite the greater leverage associated with FX trading, it is still arguably less risky than futures trading. Futures markets are often prone to sudden and dramatic moves, against which you can’t protect yourself, even by trading with protective stops. Your position may be liquidated at a loss, and you’ll be liable for any resulting deficit in the account. But because of the Forex markets great liquidity and 24-hour, continuous trading, dangerous trading gaps and limit moves are very unprobable. Orders are executed quickly, without slippage or partial fills, which is just great.


And as it was not enough, there are no margin calls, for your protection, the forex broker’s trading platform will automatically close out some or all of your open positions if your account equity, meaning the total floating value of the account, falls below the level required to hold the positions. Think of this as a final, automatic stop, always working on your behalf to prevent a debit balance.


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A gift that’s sure to make them smile

For months and months they’ve been preparing for their big day and whether you have involvement in the preparations or not, now’s the time for you to seriously consider your own arrangements for the occasion in terms of wedding gifts. Especially since they’re such good friends of yours and their happiness means as much to you as it does the world to them; finding just the right gift to pay tribute to their union is extremely important to you. However, finding such gifts can often be tricky…

Well not anymore, because GettingPersonal have just added The Happy Couple Gift Hamper to our wedding gifts range which is quite simply the perfect way to congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding day.

If you’re looking for a gift that they’ll truly be able to enjoy together after all the confetti has blown away; a present that’ll present them with an excuse to celebrate further, then The Happy Couple Gift Hamper offers just that.

The fabulous gift hamper comprises a 75cl bottle of Jean Pernet Champagne, two elegant Bohemia Crystal champagne glasses for them to sip the celebratory bubbly from, and a beautiful silver plated photo frame that’s just perfect for one of their wedding pictures.

The Happy Couple Gift Hamper is sure to make them smile, as it’s presented as a lovely large silver keepsake gift box that comes tied with a silver ribbon; which in itself can also be used to store all the collected treasures from their big day together after the box has been emptied.

Available from for only 64.95, this and many other stunning wedding gifts can be delivered free-of-charge when 30 or more is spent in one transaction. Items are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

Go on – make their day extra special…

Unique high quality gifts & personalised gifts at affordable prices, delivered quickly and guaranteed with a smile.To explore our range of wedding gifts  further, please visit our website at


Crestron Releases HDMI Distribution Amplifier

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, August 10, 2009 — Crestron today announced the release of its new HD-DA-2-QUAD, which integrates four independent 1-to-2 HDMI distribution amplifiers. The HD-DA-2- QUAD is the perfect complement to the latest Crestron HD digital solutions, allowing sources to be shared between a DVPHD and an AMS, or to expand the outputs of an HD-MD8X2. All Crestron digital HD solutions, including the new HD-DA-2QUAD are HDCP compliant and are supported by powerful DM Tools software. DM Tools automatically performs HDCP and Data Rate checks and performs EDID resolution management to enable installers to configure the system quickly and reliably.

The HD-DA-2-QUAD is a single rack-space unit containing four independent 1-to-2 HDMI distribution amplifiers. It is designed to split up to four HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort Multimode signals to feed separate displays or processors, and is ideal for adding "loop-thru" capability to the inputs of a Crestron DVPHD Digital Video Processor. The HD-DA-2-QUAD supports HDMI 1.3a w/Deep Color and HDCP, handling 1080p60 HDTV and WUXGA computer resolutions, and multi-channel HD lossless audio.

The HD-DA-2-QUAD is also perfect for presentation and home theater systems that include more than one or two displays. The HD-DA-2-QUAD expands the capabilities of the HD-MD8x2 QuickSwitch HDMI switcher. The HD-MD8x2 accepts eight HDMI sources (or a combination of composite, component, S-video, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort and Ethernet, using a DMCI – DigitalMedia Card Interface) and transmits up to two of those sources to two displays. Adding the HD-DA-2-QUAD enhances the system to accommodate more HD displays.

 “The HD-DA-2-QUAD is a great product for anyone in an HDMI environment,” says Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. “Besides handling every available HDTV format supported by HDMI the HD-DA-2-QUAD is so versatile that it also supports computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 WUXGA and is compatible with DisplayPort and DVI signals using a simple adaptor.”

As with all Crestron digital solutions, the HD-DA-2-QUAD manages the data embedded in HDMI/DVI and DisplayPort signals, including EDID, HDCP and CEC. Without intelligently processing these data streams, systems will not function properly and may result in no display image at all. The HD-DA-2-QUAD is the only HDMI distribution amplifier that automatically handles EDID resolution management.

 EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is information sent from a display to a source about its format and resolution capabilities. The HD-DA-2-QUAD overcomes formatting conflicts associated with multi-source systems by intelligently determining the optimal video resolution, frame rate, color depth, and audio format that all of the devices can handle. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is the digital rights management method that television and movie studios use to protect their content from unauthorized duplication. The HD-DA-2-QUAD is HDCP compliant to ensure fast, uninterrupted HD switching.

To simplify operation and troubleshooting, the HD-DA-2-QUAD provides individual sync detection LEDs on its front panel, providing a clear indication when a valid digital signal is connected to any input. All Crestron digital HD solutions are supported by powerful DM Tools software, which runs HDCP and Data Rate checks, allows installers to configure the system quickly and reliably.


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About Crestron

For 40 years Crestron has been the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating home technology to simplify and enhance modern lifestyles. Offering integrated solutions to control audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades and security from easy-to-use touchpanels, keypads, handheld remotes and mobile devices.

In addition to its World Headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia.


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Study Island Wins Stevie Award in 7th Annual American Business Awards

Dallas, Texas –  Study Island won a Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – More Than 100 Employees in The 2009 American Business Awards last month.

The awards were presented during ceremonies at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City.  The ceremonies were hosted by Cheryl Casone of Fox Business Network and broadcast nationwide on radio by the Business TalkRadio Network. 

In winning the Stevie, Study Island beat out other finalists including McAfee, Inc., SoftPro, and Double-Take Software. 

Stevie Awards were presented in over 40 categories including Best Overall Company of the Year, Executive of the Year, and Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year.  More than 2,600 entries from companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration.  

“We are so honored to win The Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year,” stated Tim McEwen, CEO of Archipelago Learning, Inc., the parent company of Study Island.  “We’ve been in business for over nine years and our goal has always been to focus on our clients.  What a great compliment to our team of customer relations professionals.”

More than 200 executives across the country participated in the judging process to determine the Finalists and Stevie Award winners.

Details about The American Business Awards and the list of Finalists and Stevie Award winners are available at 

About Study Island

Study Island is a leading provider of online, standards-based assessment, instruction, practice, and test preparation programs for the U.S. K-12 educational market. For more information, please visit  Study Island is a member of Archipelago Learning, LLC based in Dallas, TX.  

About The Stevie Awards
Stevie Awards are conferred in four programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.  Honoring companies of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.  Learn more about The Stevie Awards at



New open-source program could help boost STEM enrollment

State and local education officials have a new tool to help them predict which investments will pay dividends as they try to boost the number of college graduates who major in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The open-source program, called the U.S. STEM Educational Model, was developed by defense company Raytheon with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It aims to help officials analyze how they should allocate precious resources as they seek to increase the number of STEM-related graduates, thereby bolstering the science and engineering workforce. The computer-based model will simulate how schools can draw students to STEM fields most effectively. The program reportedly can test more than 200 variables that could better inform policy makers about how programs should be funded. The model measures graduation and dropout rates, gender gaps in STEM fields, teacher and STEM industry salaries, and educator attrition rates, among other factors. The tool can be downloaded free of charge. However, Vensim Simulation Software from Ventana Systems is required to run the tool on personal computers. The Vensim program is available in a free read-only version; if users want to manipulate the model, they will need to purchase a version of the Vensim PLE Plus software, which costs $169.


I-O Corporation Makes the Grade with Education Technology Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY, August, 2009 – With many businesses increasing workloads and making cut-backs just to break even, I-O Corporation is doing something many companies are finding hard in this economy – they’re growing.


Less than a year ago, I-O expanded its offerings to include economically priced virtualization solutions for the education market. Since then, the company has shown incremental monthly sales with solutions being deployed in close to a dozen states.


“Even though we have thousands of customers across many vertical markets, we created a package solution specifically for education labs and classrooms,” said Matt Brady, President of I-O Corporation. “Our message has been fairly simple – if you don’t think you can afford top-of-the-line thin client and IBM server solutions – think again.”


I-O Corporation provides economically priced technology that comes at a fraction of the long term cost of traditional PC labs and network servers. I-Os ProEdge thin clients consume less electricity, require little maintenance, and stay in service longer than a standard desktop unit. When combined with IBM’s high efficiency servers, I-O offers a total solution that gives administrators even more IT management and energy savings. I-O also offers the assistance to help the district or school IT staff configure the server infrastructure properly based on their application and computing needs.


“We began using I-O’s technology because we were interested in the potential energy and cost savings offered,” said Larry Miner, Information Technology Specialist at St. Peter Public Schools in Minnesota. “We are currently using I-O’s technology in one of our labs and based on what we’ve seen we hope to be able to expand and replace all 700 of our existing units in the future with I-O’s technology.”


I-O offers an industry best five year warranty on all its products and provides unmatched customer service and support from point of contact on. To find out how you could benefit from I-O Corporation’s classroom/lab solutions please visit


About I-O Corporation


For over 32-years, I-O has provided technical solutions across many industries. I-O Corporation sells ProEdge Thin Client products, IBM Servers, and virtualization solutions to education, SMB and Enterprise Markets. For a price up to 50 percent lower than a standard PC or Mac lab, I-O provides an ideal solution for K-12 labs and classrooms, training or call centers or organizations where job functions involve information input or access to a centralized database.


In addition to the ProEdge thin clients, the IBM Server offerings, and the expertise to make it all work, I-O also provides host connectivity and printing solutions for IBM Midrange and Mainframe systems. Product designs include economically priced thin clients, host print software, print servers, display stations and data stream conversion devices. With over a million enterprise solutions installed in more than 30 countries, I-O Corporation’s reputation for product reliability and customer support is recognized world-wide. For more information, please visit