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Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Weight Loss Nutrition


If you have diabetes you have to be very careful about what you eat. You need to take extra care in managing your blood glucose levels. You can do this by eating healthy, watching your diet, taking medication prescribed by a physician and getting proper exercise.

What foods should you eat? There is a food pyramid for people with diabetes. The Diabetes Food Pyramid divides food into six groups. At the top of the list is fats sweets and alcohol. Since this is the smallest group this tells you to eat very little from this section. The next group is milk, meat, meat substitutes and other proteins.  On the pyramid 2 to 3 servings of milk is suggested and 4 to 6oz of meat/protein is mentioned. Then you have your vegetables and fruits. Veggies choose at least 3-5 servings per day and fruits choose at least 2-4 servings a day. The last group which you should eat the most of is breads grains and other starches. You can check with your doctor to get a copy of the diabetes food pyramid to learn more about the correct servings and portion sizes for you.

What is Type 1 Diabetes? This type of diabetes was previously known as juvenile diabetes and is typically diagnosed in children and young adults. The body does not produce insulin. What is insulin? It is a hormone needed to convert starches, sugar (glucose) and other foods into energy. Energy is needed for daily life activities. Type I Diabetes is a chronic condition with no cure, but the outlook for people living with this disease is far better than it was 20 years ago. There has been much advancement in medicine, research and patient education reducing disabling complications and extended the expectancies of life to those without diabetes. In other words people with diabetes 1 can live just as long as people without diabetes with the proper treatment and educating themselves on this disease.

What is Type 2 Diabetes? With type 2 the body does not produce enough insulin or the cell just simply ignores the insulin. Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes.  You need insulin in order for the body to be able to use sugar. The basic fuel for your cells is sugar.  Insulin takes the sugar from the blood into the cells. When glucose does not go into the cells but builds up in the blood instead it can cause problems. The problems it can cause are over time high glucose levels could hurt your heart, kidneys, nerves and eyes. What are the most common symptoms for adults with Type II Diabetes?  The answer is fatigue, blurred vision, thirst and excessive urination. Do you think you may be diabetic? Check with your doctor. With type II diabetes minor weight loss can greatly improve your blood glucose levels.


So remember if you have diabetes please be under a doctors care. Watch what you eat. Limit your sweets, fats and alcohol. You can still eat good tasting foods and there are many diabetic food recipes on the internet. Get on a doctor approved exercise program and keep track of your glucose levels. Learn all you can about your condition so you can take control of it instead of the disease controlling you.


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Softcell Technologies to Distribute AXIGEN Messaging Solutions in India

Mumbai, India and Bucharest, Romania, August 6th, 2009. AXIGEN (, the professional messaging solution vendor, announces today the signing of a distribution agreement with Indian company Softcell Technologies ( This new partnership is aimed at expanding AXIGEN’s presence on the Indian messaging market.

Softcell Technologies has been one of the leading providers of IT services for 20 years, their core business being to provide customers with the ability to procure, deploy and manage their IT assets most effectively. They specialize in delivering end-to-end IT services that include sale and implementation of software and hardware, infrastructure management, application lifecycle management, computing and network security, networking including wide area and internet connectivity, facility management and remote infrastructure management.

"We are extremely pleased to partner with AXIGEN to provide highly secure, robust and scalable messaging solutions to our customers across India. We firmly believe that AXIGEN’s solutions will further enhance Softcell’s services portfolio in providing end-to-end collaborative messaging solutions to clients ranging from small, to medium and large enterprises", said Rahul Ursekar, National Manager of Inside Sales team at Softcell.

"We are very proud of partnering with Softcell Technologies in our mission to expand AXIGEN’s reach in India. As we now benefit from their outstanding expertise and presence in the local information technology market, we are confident we will better adapt our messaging solutions to the emerging needs of Indian companies, helping them conduct their business in an time and cost effective manner," concluded Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO.

One of the top ten messaging solutions in the world according to The Radicati Group, the AXIGEN Mail Server has a strong focus on meeting the needs of business customers, either directly or through Service Providers employing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Winner of the ServerWatch 2007 Product Excellence Award for the Communications Server category, AXIGEN runs on several Linux and BSD distributions, on Solaris, on Windows operating systems, on PowerPC and SPARC architectures and is becoming the messaging solution of choice for a growing number of service providers and enterprises worldwide.

About Softcell Technologies
Softcell Technologies is a business-to-business software Services Company established in the year 1989. With a 300+ member workforce we provide end-to-end solutions on licensing, hardware, security & storage, networking, corporate IT infrastructure solutions, Internet hosting and application development services; to help organizations increase business value from information technology. Softcell is headquartered in Mumbai and maintains sales offices in 6 major cities in India.
Find out more at:

About AXIGEN and Gecad Technologies
Established in 2001, Gecad Technologies SA, member of the GECAD Group, is the vendor of AXIGEN, a messaging solution for professionals that ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. Currently, AXIGEN is distributed internationally by over 200 partners from 80 countries and manages email traffic for more than 11,000 companies with 6 million end-users.

Our team of seasoned professionals, with 15 years of experience in messaging and IT security delivers cutting-edge products, by developing an innovative carrier-class technology based on proprietary architectures such as AXIGEN GrowSecure™, AXIGEN SmartProcessing™ and AXIGEN UltraStorage™.
Find out more at: 


Keller ISD Chooses Full Suite of SAFARI Montage Products

Keller Independent School District (Keller ISD) has selected the award-winning SAFARI Montage Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management solution to deliver digital content to the classrooms of its 30,000 plus students on 37 campuses. Keller ISD wants its schools to remain on the cutting edge of the educational community’s use of technological advances. SAFARI Montage helps to meet that objective. Through the use of SAFARI Montage, Keller ISD will also help to groom students to excel in the global marketplace.

“SAFARI Montage was the best solution for our District for its vast selection of core curricular content that tied into our Keller ISD curriculum, for its ability to deliver that content over our existing Fiber Wan network infrastructure, and for the opportunities it provides for student and teacher collaboration,” said Joe Griffin, Executive Director of Technology, Keller ISD.
The SAFARI Montage K-12 Core Content offerings will be added as a resource to the K-12 Keller ISD curriculum, providing teachers and students with the ability to have “on-demand” access to content. In addition, Keller ISD will use SAFARI Montage Live! for student and teacher collaboration, professional development, and administrative meetings.
SAFARI Montage Managed Home Access will help Keller ISD to meet its demand for students and teachers to have 24/7 access to curriculum resources and collaboration capabilities.
"Keller ISD is part of a growing number of school districts that have recognized the need for a total solution for their video networking," said Andrew Schlessinger, CEO and Co-founder of SAFARI Montage. "We are extremely pleased to support their vision."
Keller ISD has also purchased SAFARI Montage CreationStation through which the district can upload and meta-tag district generated content and apply digital rights management, Selective Video Streaming, which allows management of multimedia content to the classroom from cable TV, video cameras and Internet, and Pathways SM, the latest integrated module that enables the control, management and scheduling of all classroom and district devices.
Keller ISD will have access to the finest educational video content correlated to Texas state standards from a central server that will reside at their Network Operation Center with content delivered over the network, thereby preserving the district’s demand on costly Internet bandwidth. 
Keller ISD users will also have access to the valuable resources available on SAFARI Montage HD Network — a professional users’ community designed to facilitate learning and sharing about SAFARI Montage.
 For more information about SAFARI Montage, the total solution for digital media networks, please visit
 About SAFARI Montage
 SAFARI Montage is the award-winning, Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management enterprise solution for school districts that comes preloaded with educational video titles from the industry’s leading video publishers, including Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Education, BBC, Sesame Street and more. In addition to preloaded content, SAFARI Montage provides the ability for school districts to upload their own video content at the district level and easily disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district. SAFARI Montage provides K-12 school districts with a comprehensive solution for their digital media networking and visual instruction needs. The full suite of integrated products provides a single interface for accessing all visual resources from inside the school district intranet or from home.
About Keller ISD
 Keller ISD has 37 campuses serving more than 30,000 students. Enrollment in Keller ISD has more than doubled during the past 10 years and is expected to rise to more than 40,000 during the next decade.  As one of the fastest-growing school districts in Texas, Keller ISD is proud to boast two National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, 27 TEA Exemplary and Recognized schools and the 2007 Texas State Secondary Teacher of the Year.

InfoSource Learning Releases Texas SimpleAssessment Results

OVIEDO, FL – August 7, 2009 – InfoSource Learning releases statewide SimpleAssessment results for the state of Texas. SimpleAssessment measures student technology proficiency. Detailed results can be viewed on their website at

The results reflect the more than 20,000 Texas students took SimpleAssessment for NETS-S 2007 in the spring of the 2008/2009 school year, after taking into account any skill improvement students made during the school year.  
SimpleAssessment is a 60 question technology assessment based on the International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Technology Standards.   More than 1,200 school districts across the country relied on SimpleAssessment to measure more than 1 million students’ technology literacy during the 2008/2009 school year.
The assessment was created with the help from school technology professionals, teachers, and school administrators. InfoSource Learning offers SimpleAssessment free of charge to both public and private school districts, as well as community learning centers, colleges, and universities.
For more information about SimpleAssessment please visit
About InfoSource Learning: For over 25 years, InfoSource Learning has been a leader of custom personalized training solutions for the education, corporate, and government training segments. With engaging, web-based training, the company’s “How to Master” content-rich portfolio of training products is comprised of elements including; PC and Mac applications, professional development skills, soft skills, compliance, and technology integration. In addition to its focus on providing tools for calculating return on investment (ROI), InfoSource Learning also develops and maintains a unique Content Authoring Tool (CAT) and Learning Management System (LMS). To learn more about custom personalized training solutions from InfoSource Learning, call 800-393-3436 or visit
Press Contact: For additional information or to schedule an interview with the company, please contact Lisa Greathouse at 1-800-393-4636 x221 or email

Ferrum College Announces New Executive in Residence Program

Each executive will deliver an afternoon and evening lecture in Franklin Hall’s Blue Ridge Mountain Room, where they will discuss their personal experiences and business philosophies. The executives will also offer insights on the knowledge, skills and leadership qualities necessary for a successful business career. Afternoon lectures will be open only to the Ferrum College community. The evening lectures will be open to both the College community and the general public.  The schedule for Ferrum College’s Executive in Residence program for the 2009-2010 academic year is as follows:


Sept. 23rd 2009    E. Michael Mutchler – Mr. Mutchler retired from General Motors Corp. (GM) after more than four decades of service.  He served as Vice President and Group Executive in charge of GM’s North American Operations Powertrain Group and as a member of both GM’s North American Strategy Board and the GM International Strategy Board.


Nov. 13th 2009     Baxter F. Phillips Jr. – Mr. Phillips is President of Massey Energy Company, a Fortune 1000 company included in the S&P 500. Prior to his 28 years of service at Massey Energy, Phillips’ background was in banking and investments. He has served as a financial consultant to the Smithsonian Institute, the National Symphony and numerous municipalities and corporations. Both Baxter Phillips and his wife, Sharon Lee Phillips, are ‘66 alumni.


Jan. 19th 2010     Frank M. Simms – Mr. Simms, Manager of Hydro Operations for AEP, is responsible for the operation of 17 AEP hydroelectric facilities in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. Simms also directs the process for the federal relicensing of AEP’s two largest hydro projects, Smith Mountain Lake and Claytor Lake.  Simms has been with AEP for twenty six years.


March 30th 2010   Edward G. Murphy M.D – Dr. Murphy is President and CEO of Carilion Clinic, a diversified healthcare delivery organization which includes eight hospitals, 500 physicians and 11,000 employees. Carilion has current annual net operating revenue of $1.2 billion. A cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School, Murphy serves on numerous civic and corporate boards including the Council on Virginia’s Future to which he was appointed by the Virginia State Senate in 2003.


More information about each lecture will be made public in the few weeks prior to each event.  For more information concerning Ferrum College’s Executive in Residence program, contact the Corporate Relations Office at (540) 365-4218.



Ohio high school tightens computer security

An Ohio high school that canceled its graduation ceremony last spring because of a cheating scandal has tightened its computer security and will emphasize ethics to students this fall, reports the Associated Press. Dorothy Holden, superintendent of Centerburg, Ohio, schools, says some faculty members were lax about changing their passwords, which helped a student break into computer files and steal tests. Holden says the district will stress ethics when school begins Aug. 26. The district’s final review of the scandal found that about 30 Centerburg High School seniors–about one-third of the class–cheated on world studies tests. Holden says others knew about the cheating but kept quiet. The district canceled graduation in early June, though students and parents held their own private ceremony.

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Teachers & Students Love


August 7, 2009. prepares for a massive 2009-10 back-to-school rush. was one of the fastest growing K12 educational websites in 2008-09, due to teachers’ word of mouth. From a standing start to over two million visits/month (quantcast public stats). For 2009-10, the feverish growth rate should continue with the addition of five thousand more words, the ability to handle contractions, all the tenses of verbs, the state capitals, and the possessive forms of nouns. 

SpellingCity Description: provides practice for spelling tests. The words are spoken to the student in a pleasant human voice. The student tries to spell them correctly. The student can get to read them as sentence. SpellingCity corrects any spelling errors and then offers to re-test the student on either the whole list or just the words that were misspelled. A certificate or report with the results can be printed. has a vocabulary list which has grown to over 42,000 words. allows parents and teachers to save their lists. They can print games and handwriting practice worksheets. Teachers particularly like the printable handwriting worksheets and the online alphabetizing game. is packed with educationally useful features and games. They include:


          Instructional Online Videos — Helps time-pressed teachers get a quick overview.

          School and Teacher Homepages — SpellingCity has created a home page for US & Canadian school. When a teacher registers, a teacher homepage is created.   

          Ten Spelling and Vocabulary Games — Missing Letters, Letter UnScramble, HangMouse,WhichWord, MatchIt,  Audio Match, Alphabetize,  and WordSearch.

          Handwriting Practice and Fluency — Printable-Worksheets.’s Design Goals was designed after asking three groups what they wanted in a spelling website.


If you ask students, they clamor for fun word games and a site that’s "not b-o-r-i-n-g."


If you ask teachers, they want it to use human voices, to include all the tenses and forms of words (e.g. run, running, ran; mouse, mice; house, houses), to provide learning-focused activities, and to be very easy to use. Teachers also insist that the website fit into their teaching methods.  


If you ask parents, they mention these same points plus they insist on a low price. provides a way for students to practice their spelling. To do that, they need someone to read the words to them — solves that problem.


In exploring, please note that the site is free to use and designed for use without training or instruction.  There is email support and a forum for discussion. Monthly newsletters provide tips on new ways of using


For more information, please visit:


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NECC 2009: Video highlights

In partnership with JDL Horizons, eSchool News produced video interviews with ed-tech luminaries.

In partnership with JDL Horizons, eSchool News produced video interviews with ed-tech luminaries.

The rise in mobile technologies, how to lobby Congress successfully for more ed-tech support, and how Baby Boomers can help meet the need for 21st-century teachers: These were some of the topics illuminated by leaders in education technology during sit-down interviews with our eSN-TV video news crew at the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, D.C., recently.

In partnership with JDL Horizons, eSchool News produced several wide-ranging video interviews with ed-tech luminaries at this year’s NECC. You can view these interviews at by clicking on the subject heading “NECC 2009.” Here are some of the highlights…

– Don Knezek, chief executive officer of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which organizes NECC, talked about some of the ed-tech trends he has noticed at this year’s conference–including the use of smart phones and other mobile devices to get technology into the hands of more students quickly and inexpensively. Knezek also discussed some of the areas ISTE will be focusing more attention on in the future, such as ensuring that teachers get the ed-tech training they need to succeed.


– Hilary Goldmann, director of government affairs for ISTE, described the Ed Tech Action Network and how it lobbies for more support of education technology. Goldmann also discussed the “Storming the Hill” event at this year’s NECC, which sent more than 500 educators to Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of federal funding for school technology–and she revealed the advice participants got as they prepared to meet with their lawmakers.


– Tom Carroll, president of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF), talked about his organization’s efforts to move teaching and learning into the 21st century. A key part of these efforts is enlisting the help of the nearly 78 million Baby Boomers who have retired or are preparing to retire in the next few years, Carroll said–many of whom have expressed an interest in teaching.


– Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), discussed his organization’s newest effort, which aims to help school leaders set smart policies for dealing with Web 2.0 technologies in their schools. Kreuger also explained why he thinks the Obama administration’s proposed ed-tech budget cut for fiscal year 2010 would be a huge mistake–and what CoSN and others are doing about it.


– Ann Flynn, director of education technology for the National School Boards Association, previewed her organization’s 23rd annual Technology + Learning (T+L) Conference, which will be held in Denver Oct. 28-30. A keynote speech from international “innovation consultant” Frans Johansson will open the conference, which also will feature a panel session on how to scale up ed-tech initiatives, Flynn said.


– Nonprofits and corporations provide much-needed resources to school districts, educators, and students. Verizon Thinkfinity provides classroom content and professional development to help teachers and students excel in school and beyond. Interviews with actor Eric Close of the television show Without A Trace, and Patrick Gaston, president of the Verizon Foundation, show how valuable such help can be.


Also, if you haven’t seen them already, check out our many video news reports from NECC 2009:

Meaningful learning environments

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell explains what educators can learn from the rock band Fleetwood Mac about creating meaningful learning environments.


New ed-tech standards for administrators

ISTE has released an updated version of its educational technology standards for school leaders.


Clicks vs. bricks

Experts debate the relevancy of brick-and-mortar schools in an internet-connected world.


Storming the Hill

Advocacy was a key part of NECC 2009, as more than 500 educators lobbied their senators and representatives to support educational technology in what organizers said was the largest ed-tech presence ever on Capitol Hill.


NECC Sights and Sounds

A glimpse into the excitement and activities of NECC 2009.



NECC 2009